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Scientists found out how "sea monsters" of times of dinosaurs - RIA Novosti looked, 05.12.2018

MOSCOW, 5 Dec – RIA Novosti. Ichthyosauruses were almost indistinguishable on shape from modern whales and dolphins – they had soft skin, a thick fatty layer and similar camouflage coloring. The chemists and paleontologists who published article in the Nature.© magazine Andrey Atuchin write about it, 2017 Paleontologists found in Russia remains of a sea pangolin of the size of the bus "We found the first unambiguous "chemical" certificate that ichthyosauruses were warm-blooded beings. The hypodermic of fat meets only at the animals capable to maintain temperature of the body. On the other hand, all of them were reptiles – their skin lost scales the same as it was made by ancestors of modern sea turtles" — Mary Schweitzer from the university of Lund (Sweden) tells. The seas and oceans of the Mesozoic Era were inhabited by the most various large sea reptiles, including ryboobrazny ichthyosauruses, the "Loch Ness" plesiosauri and also similar to crocodiles of a pliozavra and mozazavra. Contrary to the representations which settled in society, these pangolins were not connected with dinosaurs in any way and had relatives to modern lizards and other species of reptiles. Their shape and behavior still remain a riddle for paleontologists as remains of these reptiles extremely seldom remained in breeds of Earth because of features of that Wednesday in which they lived. Nevertheless, for the last two decades scientists opened a set of the interesting facts from their life which considerably changed ideas of how they lived and what they ate. © Photo: Liu et al. 10.1371/journal.pcbi.1004605 Relatives of "Loch Ness monster" swam as penguins, found out ученыеК to an example, three years ago scientists found out that ichthyosauruses passed to live birth even before transition to life to the sea, and found out that pliozavra, the main sea predators of the Cretaceous, suffered from cancer and arthritis. Besides, other lines of their anatomy indicated what they have much in common with the modern marine mammals who occupied those niches which became free after extinction of sea giant pangolins 65.5 million years ago. Schweitzer and her colleagues put the end to disputes around shape and behavior of ichthyosauruses thanks to a surprising find in the pit Holtsmaden located in the neighborhood of the German Stuttgart. © RIA Novosti / Ignatovich to Pass into an image bank the Ulyanovsk paleontologists called an ichthyosaurus in honor of Leninaetot a corner of Germany as scientists explain, was at the bottom of the sea Tetis covering the most part of Europe at that time about 180 million years ago. Many shallow water and gulfs of this reservoir were almost completely deprived of oxygen thanks to what at their bottom prints even of the softest tissues of a body of the most ancient animals remained. Two years ago her team encountered surprising remains – they managed to find almost full skeleton of an ichthyosaurus from the sort Stenopterygius and also prints of his skin, tissues of a body and its many inside layers. "Outlines of a body and even its bodies are perfectly visible on this fossil. Moreover, it remained so



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