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Scientists called the new danger connected with obesity - RIA Novosti, 8/17/2018

MOSCOW, 17 Aug — RIA Novosti. Excess weight not only contributes to the development of diabetes, but increases pressure in vessels even in the absence of heart troubles that considerably reduces life. The scientists who have published article in the JAMA Network Open.© Fotolia/Ruslanshug magazine Scientists have come to such conclusion have told about "infectious" obesity" If epidemic of obesity continues to grow, then we are expected also by the similar growth of number of people with a hypertension and other diseases of cardiovascular system. We have to pay attention to this interrelation already now" — Harlan Krumholz from Yale University (USA) has said. In recent years scientists find more and more hints that obesity not only raises load of a skeleton, contributes to the development of problems with metabolism and is one of the causes of diabetes, but also has negative effect on other parts of an organism. For example, recently scientists from the USA have found out that excess weight at women promotes a breast cancer recurrence and also accelerates aging of a brain and causes changes in work of a brain. Scientists and inhabitants, as Krumholz notes, have noticed long ago that many corpulent people suffer from a hypertension and other violations in work of the blood circulatory system. The possible reason of they are violations in nitrogen monooxide synthesis — has been open three years ago. On the other hand, many physicians still doubt that communication between a hypertension and obesity exists. Krumholz and his colleagues checked, whether so it actually, watching life of nearly two million Chinese participating in the medical PEACE project. In his framework social and health services of the People's Republic of China watched over health of heart and vessels of young and elderly people, tracing all possible reasons of development of problems with them including excess weight. © AP Photo/Mark Lennihan Scientific: over 90% of American male suffer from an excess vesakak have shown these observations, statistical communication between obesity and a hypertension really exists — pressure in vessels increased approximately by one millimeter of mercury column on each three kilograms of excess weight. Thanks to it typical pressure at the person suffering from extreme forms of obesity will be 11-25 millimeters higher, than at slender people of similar growth and age. It automatically does them by potential victims of a hypertension and more serious problems with work of blood system. Considering the huge speed of distribution of epidemic of obesity across China and another developing the countries, both diseases can become one of the main threats for their inhabitants in the next years.



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