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Scientists called the most useful diet for pensioners - RIA Novosti, 8/31/2018

MOSCOW, 31 Aug – RIA Novosti. Transition to the Mediterranean diet positively affects health not only young people, but also the most elderly inhabitants of the planet. The Italian scientists who have published article in British Journal of Nutrition.CC0/Engin_Akyurt / the Mediterranean diet have come to such conclusion prolongs sex life, scientists "Unlike our colleagues have found out, we were focused in public which already are in age, but not on all residents of the concrete area or country. We have shown that the diet rich with fruit, vegetables, fish, olives and cereals lowers probability of their death approximately for 25%" — Marialaura Bonaccio from the Mediterranean neurological institute in Pozzilli (Italy) tells. Today most of scientists considers that a diet and separate food exert strong impact not only on the weight of the person, but also on health of his brain, vessels, heart and other key body organs. For example, recently scientists have shown that the use of large numbers of olive oil and the Mediterranean dishes considerably lowers chances to die of a stroke or a heart attack, and excessively large amount of salt in food, on the contrary, worsens health of heart and vessels. Similar pluses from the Mediterranean diet as Bonaccio and her colleagues note, have been recorded at people who ate it all life and lived in rather comfortable conditions which the people forced to use fast food and other cheap could be deprived I peep.© RIA Novosti/Anna the Lyudkovsky Mediterranean diet improves work of a brain in old age, declare ученыеЭто has forced her team to make own observations within which scientists have tried to estimate consequences from transition to the Mediterranean diet in advanced years of life. For this purpose Bonaccio and her colleagues have used data which were collected by participants of the Moli-sani project, one of the largest dietary researches in Italy. In him as scientists note, about 12 thousand people from different age and economic categories including a large number of pensioners aged from 65 years and is more senior participated. Each participant of this project regularly told physicians about how his diet changed eventually, and they watched shifts in state of his health. Having united these data with results of similar observations in 11 other countries of Europe, scientists have tried to find out how transition to the Mediterranean diet influenced life expectancy of pensioners.© of Fotolia/Mykola Velychko the Mediterranean diet and olives reduce risk of development of cancer grudiy calculations show that even late transition to similar food considerably reduces chances of premature death – by 24% at men and for 29% at women. Than more actively pensioners adhered to a similar diet, especially expressed was this effect – the probability to die fell for 6% at the movement up special to a ten-mark scale of observance of a diet (MDS). Even stronger the diet influenced chances of premature death from strokes, heart attacks and other



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