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Scientists called one more negative property of electronic cigarettes - RIA Novosti, 11.10.2018

MOSCOW, 11 Oct – RIA Novosti. Fillers and flavoring additives from liquids for vapes cause inflammations in lungs and have extremely negative effect on their work, the physicians who published article in American Journal of Physiology.© RIA Novosti / Alexander Vilf Pereyti in an image bank Vapes found out contribute to the development of cancer of mouth, scientists "say Those negative effects which we opened during observations of operation of evaporators on animals, emphasize that we need to check urgently toxicity and safety of these devices which are promptly gaining popularity worldwide" — write Constantinos Glinos from the university of Athens (Greece) and his colleagues. In the last two years, thanks to rapid growth of popularity of electronic cigarettes among smokers, scientists began to be actively interested in whether similar evaporators have those useful properties which to them are attributed by their manufacturers and as far as they are less unhealthy, than usual cigarettes. These researches resulted in contradictory results – in general, tobacco smoke is more hazardous to health of lungs and all body of the person, however evaporation of electronic cigarettes as recently scientists found out, contain a set of the carcinogens and toxins produced as a result of "burning" of a part of the evaporated liquid on an incandescence spiral. Rather recently American doctors found, experimenting on mice that smoking of vapes can do walls of arteries and veins by more fragile and to lead to development of serious heart troubles and also found out that evaporators of nicotine do not avert, and attract people to real cigarettes despite the fact that their producers say. © Fotolia/nito Scientists proved that vapes push youth to a "usual" tabakuglinos and his colleagues checked how various flavoring and aromatic additives which are present at liquid for vapes influence work of different parts of lungs and activity of their cages, watching life of several mice - "smokers". For this purpose scientists divided rodents into four groups, one of which "smoked" usual tobacco products, the second – the evaporator without aromatic additives and nicotine, the third – vapes with pure nicotine, and the fourth – electronic cigarettes with aroma of tobacco. As showed these experiences, besides "usual" negative consequences of smoking, all three types of evaporators caused inflammations in lungs and forced them to develop large amounts of slime. At the long use of vapes tissue of lungs began to lose elasticity, inflammations became chronic, and in their cages oxidizers began to collect. © RIA Novosti / Alexander Vilf Pereyti in an image bank Electronic cigarettes weaken immunity, declare uchenyeosobenno strongly it was shown for nicotinic evaporators with a tobacco smell – they periodically not only did not concede to usual cigarettes in action force on an organism, but also surpassed them. On the other hand, trouble breathing were stronger expressed at the mice "smoking" usual cigarettes that speaks



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