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Scientists called consequences from a revolution of poles of Earth - RIA Novosti, 8/21/2018

MOSCOW, 21 Aug — RIA Novosti. The revolution of magnetic poles of the planet almost completely will deprive of it protection against charged particles of solar wind and other forms of space radiation that will accelerate evolution of animals and will extremely negatively affect life of people. The geologists who have published the forecasts in the PNAS.© magazine of the Photo write about it: John Tarduno/University of Rochester Magnetic poles of Earth won't turn over in the next years, scientists "say Magnetic field of Earth protects us from direct impact of sunlight already 3,5 billion years. On the other hand, powerful flashes in the Sun periodically punch it and cause an array of problems for electronics. The revolution of poles will lead to even more serious consequences, than an event of Karrington, solar superflash of 1859" — Andrew Roberts from the National university of Australia in Canberra explains. The provision of poles and where specifies the shooter of a compass, isn't constant property of our planet. Periodically, approximately time in 450 thousand or one million years, Northern and Southern poles of the planet are interchanged the position, scientists have found traces of what in structure of ancient clays and volcanic breeds. For example, about 40 thousand years ago a "northern" half of an arrow of a compass would indicate the modern South Pole, and southern — on northern. Two years ago geologists from the University of Rochester (USA) have made surprising discovery — they managed to find extremely unusual magnetic anomaly in the territory of the Republic of South Africa in banks of the river of Limpopo where force of magnetic field sharply fell several times and decreased to critically low values in the 13-16th centuries of our era. It has for the first time indicated that revolutions of poles of Earth take place not in a random way, and in special points and at the same time prevent normal circulation of substance in a planet kernel with abnormal properties where breeds of a cloak close approach a surface. Some scientists assume today, referring to noticeable decrease in force of a magnetic board of Earth for the last three centuries that this process has already begun in the recent past. Roberts and his colleagues have tried to estimate scales of what expects Earth in that case. For this purpose they have studied the consequences of last revolutions of a magnetic axis which have "imprinted" in stalagmites and stalactites which were formed in a cave Sanxing in the south of China for hundreds of thousands of years. © Photo: Museum of paleontology of Orlov Scientists: the revolution of poles of Earth has caused extinction of 550 million years of a nazadeta outgrowths as geologists explain, were interesting to them for two reasons. First, the age of different layers in them can be calculated easily, being guided by shares of isotopes of thorium and uranium. Secondly, the microscopic grains of salts of iron which have "got stuck" in their thickness reflect in what party the magnetic axis of Earth at the time of their formation has been turned. Studying their structure, scientists have found out that there was a series of the events very similar on the scales to very sharp and strong revolutions of poles about 98 thousand years ago. The magnetic axis of the planet at that time a little sharply changed the polo



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