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Scientists called an easy way of protection against strokes - RIA Novosti, 9/20/2018

MOSCOW, 20 Sep — RIA Novosti. Daily half-hour walks have been connected with the lowered probability of premature death from strokes and less dangerous consequences of hemorrhages, it is told in article published in the Neurology.© Depositphotos/sudok1 magazine Scientists have told about communication between human height and "We find probability of a stroke more and more certificates that the physical activity protects a brain from diseases and damages, and our work didn't become an exception in this relation. We need longer observations and experiments for understanding of why the level of physical activity influences sharpness of consequences of strokes" — Katharina Sunnerhagen from the Gothenburg university notes (Sweden). Cells of a body need continuous inflow of nutrients and oxygen. Many of them can live long enough without oxygen, several tens of minutes or even hours, however finally his shortcoming will lead to destruction of mitochondrions, cellular "power plants", and other violations that will cause mass death of cages. Cells of a brain are most vulnerable in this regard: approach of oxygen starvation already in a few minutes causes very serious consequences which are, as a rule, irreversible. Similar changes can happen both during strokes, and at less serious problems in work of blood vessels of a brain. Sunnerhagen and her colleagues have found an easy way of protection against the most dangerous consequences of strokes, studying data which were collected by clinic of the university. © the Russian scientists have begun with Fotolia/tilialucida search of drugs for consequences of a stroke and heart attacks of the general complexity in recent years there about 2300 patients who have had a stroke and completed a course of rehabilitation therapy have visited. Doctors, besides recovery of work of a brain and extremities of patients, systematically studied their diet, a way of life and other factors which are potentially connected with problems in work of blood vessels of a brain. As it has appeared, the lack of physical activity and a sedentary life was the main factor of risk in development of the most severe forms of strokes and all similar attacks in general. On average they suffered from cerebral hemorrhages 1,2 times more often, than their peers who were regularly doing exercises. © Scientists have found out Fotolia/farbkombinat how to reduce risk инсультаПо to the words of physicians, the majority of unpleasant consequences of strokes can be avoided, spending about four hours a week, or about half an hour in day, for walks and easy physical exercises. As emphasizes with Sunnerhagen, so far their conclusions don't say that walks and charging were the main or even only reasons of why active people suffer from severe forms of strokes less often. In the nearest future scientists plan to check, whether so it actually, watching wider groups of people.



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