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Satellites of NASA have recorded record number of the fires on Earth - RIA Novosti, 8/24/2018

MOSCOW, 24 Aug — RIA Novosti. The record areas of the woods in Africa, South America, Russia, Canada and Southeast Asia have been captured by the fires in August of this year, reports the Center of space flights of NASA of Goddarda.© Foto: NASA Earth Observatory/Jesse Allen Probes of NASA have recorded the mass peat fires in Grenlandiikazhdy year of the wood practically on each continent of Earth burn in the extensive fires caused by both natural processes, and careless and even purposeful actions of people. For example, a fire which inhabitants of the region made in the woods and for burning of a grass around dachas became one of the causes of the fires in Transbaikalia three years ago. Something similar, but in more mass look as specialists of NASA tell, occurs in the southern part of the Central Africa where primitive podsechno-fire agriculture still dominates. Every year farmers of this part of the Dark continent cut down and burn the big areas of the jungle, several years use them and then throw, passing to new sites of the wood. Growth of the population of Africa, global warming and ignitions for other reasons, including as a result of blows of lightnings, have led to the fact that the fire areas were considerably expanded. The last pictures received by the VIIRS device onboard the climatic Suomi NPP satellite show that today in the territory of the equatorial Africa thousands of the fires sating air with ashes particles, aerosols, carbon monoxide and other products of burning rage. It, according to scientists, considerably worsens quality of air in Africa and has negative effect on life of the farmers using fire for clearing of fields. The similar situation has developed in the same latitude of South America where huge parts of Amazonia and the western coast of the continent have been captured by the fires. Not less serious ignitions have arisen in the woods of the USA and Canada and also in the territory of countries of Eastern Europe, Russia, Australia and the states of Southeast Asia. © Foto: Jeff Schmaltz LANCE/EOSDIS MODIS Rapid Response Team, GSFC. Caption by Lynn Jenner the Probe of NASA has recorded tens of the fires at the lake Baykalv of the general complexity as shows the analysis of the data collected by VIIRS for last week on Earth now there are over 30 thousand centers of forest and other fires. Part of them as scientists note, has arisen not accidentally, and has been connected with clearing of fields and deforestation in Brazil and in other countries with the high level of development of agriculture and mining. Frequency and scales of the fires as experts of NASA expect, will only grow in the next years, especially in Australia and North America — because summer temperatures constantly grow, and the level of rainfall continuously falls because of global warming.



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