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Saboteur's howitzer. What the new silent Russian mortar "Gaul" - RIA Novosti, is dangerous 9/23/2018 by

MOSCOW, 23 Sep — RIA Novosti, Nikolay Protopopov. Silent, flameless and very easy — domestic and western experts have already highly appreciated features and possibilities of a new Russian 82-millimeter mortar 2B25 "Gaul". This unique weapon is developed for divisions of a special purpose and, according to military, considerably surpasses in characteristics of foreign "schoolmates". There are no direct analogs. Why to the Russian special troops a silent mortar and why armorers of other countries — have become interested in material of RIA Novosti in him. The design of "Gaul", as well as any other mortar, is rather simple — a pipe, a two-leg, the support plate and aim adaptation. What is evident, so it is unusually compact dimensions — in fighting situation the mortar weighs only 13 kilograms. For comparison: weight 2B24 "Tray" — more than 40 kilograms, effective application provides calculation from five people. Regular calculation of "Gaul" — only two fighters, and can transfer him one — the case has belts by means of which weapon fastens behind the back or entirely is located in a small bag.© of RIA Novosti / Yuli Chestnov to Pass Lethal stock into an image bank. The most unusual weapon spetsnazaminomt non-demountable — the shooter doesn't need a lot of time for preparation, it is only necessary to equip the platform for firing, having dug out deepening in the soil under the support plate. It, by the way, too very easy — is made of aluminum alloy. The translation of a product from marching situation in fighting or back takes no more than 30 seconds. The main highlight of "Gaul" — the "cunning" ammunition of a special design allowing to shoot really silently: we will compare a sound with a shot from a silenced Kalashnikov. Considering that mortar range more than a kilometer, location of the shooter it is impossible to find, especially if special operation or a diversionary sortie is conducted to night-time. And rate of fire high: to fifteen shells a minute. The fragmental mine 3BO35 consists of a military unit and a long shaft. The noiselessness, besplamennost and bezdymnost is provided because at a shot powder gases are locked in a shaft by the mobile piston. The similar scheme is applied in cartridges of the closed type for small arms in which powder gases remain in a sleeve and are gradually pitted through microscopic gaps. The mortar 2B25 "Gaul" is intended for extermination of manpower of the opponent, including in strengthenings and bullet-proof vests. Down he shoots at an angle from 45 to 85 degrees, and across the direction of firing can be corrected from minus of four to plus four degrees. Practically any surface suits for installation of a mortar. It is possible to use "Gaul" under any weather conditions, at night and in the afternoon. Designers of a mortar haven't stopped on the achieved results and plan modernization of already almost ideal design. In particular, experts will develop the new support plate and even more convenient means of carrying of weapon. Perhaps, will expand номенкл



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