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Russians have estimated rest conditions in the country - RIA Novosti, 9/26/2018

MOSCOW, 26 Sep — RIA Novosti. More than a half of Russians consider that conditions of rest and leisure in the Russian Federation have improved for the last five years, follows from poll of the All-Russian Public Opinion Research Center (ARPORC) which results are available at the disposal of RIA Novosti. © Photo: The Russian Foreign Ministry Lavrov has told that he likes to have a rest in Sibiripo to data of poll, 51% of respondents for a question of how conditions of rest and leisure in Russia for the last five years have in their opinion changed, answered that changes have happened to the best, 22% consider that changes haven't happened, 12% have found it difficult to answer and only 10% believe that the situation has changed for the worse. Preferable types of rest Russians call rest at the dacha (35%) and also campaigns, fishing and hunting (34%). For 31% of respondents important that rest was informative and I included excursions, travel in historical, memorable places, at the same time 31% of respondents have noted that houses prefer to have a rest. Among Russians who have preferred to have a rest at the dacha in the summer 53% were satisfied with rest, 43% aren't happy, another 4% have found it difficult to answer. Among respondents who have chosen trips 85% are happy with rest, 14% aren't happy, another 1% has found it difficult to answer. © Photo: Krymsky Bridge In the Crimea have emphasized the huge potential of gastronomic tourism in regionesoglasno data of poll, in 2018 on one family member Russians spent 37179 rubles whereas the estimated budget made 44205 rubles for summer holiday. In 2016 the actual budget exceeded assumed — 36026 against 33653 rubles. In 2014 the actual budget made 29731 rubles assumed — 30651. In a research it is noted that in the last five years of 46% of Russians had a rest in other region of Russia. Among the most popular places respondents call Krasnodar Krai (30%), the Crimea (9%), Moscow (5%), St. Petersburg (4%) and the Republic of Tatarstan (3%). "Every second participant of poll (51%) considers that for the last five years of a condition for rest and leisure in Russia have changed to the best. Positive changes are noticed more often having a rest in the different cities of Russia (69%) and those who have spent a vacation in resorts of Krasnodar Krai (64%)" — results of poll demonstrate. Initiative survey "VCIOM Satellite" was conducted on September 12, 2018 among 1,6 thousand Russians aged from 18 years. Selection is constructed on the basis of the complete list of the phone numbers involved in the territory of the Russian Federation. Poll method — a telephone interview. The statistical error doesn't exceed 2,5%. Where went and how many have spent. Children's summer holiday - 2018



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