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Russia will revive production of legendary cameras "Zenit" - RIA Novosti, 9/26/2018

MOSCOW, 26 Sep – RIA Novosti. Russia will revive production of cameras Zenit. The representative of the Krasnogorsk plant of S.A. Zverev has reported about it to RIA Novosti (enters into Schwabe holding). © Denisov to Pass the RIA Novosti / Novel into an image bank In Russia have decided to resume production of the biggest plane-amfibiizavod together with the Leica company will begin production of legendary cameras in new execution under the name Zenit of M. "However, it not the limited edition with new functions, and cameras in the limited design, exclusive packing with individual number. Circulation of this camera is extremely limited. Only 500 pieces of number cameras and the lenses Zenitar 1,0/35 available to acquisition in Russia and Europe" — the interlocutor of the agency has told. He has specified that it is only one of projects on release of the camera. "We will analyse the got experience and we will solve what camera will be following, perhaps, it will be the reflex camera, and it is possible, more perfect ranging" — the representative of the plant has explained. According to him, the price will be "absolutely adequate taking into account brands which participate in this project". "By default the camera of Leica can't stand in a price segment with cameras of mass production. Leica has an equal-sign between the name and a word quality. They (Leica. – Editor's notes) have transferred all necessary technical parameters which we have undertaken to observe in production of lenses. Taking it into account, the price of the camera Zenit will be in a bonus segment from five to six thousand euros" — the interlocutor of the agency has reported. He has noted that the optics will be made on the new quality standards set by the Leica Camera AG company, but at the same time will keep "that unique art picture received on lenses of the Krasnogorsk plant". "Any user will be able to cope with the Zenit of M camera and the lens Zenitar 35 mm f/1.0. The camera is equipped with modern technological functions which allow to use equally productively to professionals and beginners in the sphere of the photo. And we have equipped the camera with a universal lens which has moderately wide angle of shooting and allows to remove any genre – from some portraits, to landscapes and still lifes" — the representative of the plant has told. According to him, the Leica company acts in this project as OEM (original equipment manufacturer is the original producer of the equipment. – Primas of an edition) the manufacturer of the camera, the supplier of components, whereas the lens is completely made of the Russian raw materials and gathers on the Krasnogorsk plant. "Zenit" is the low-format single-lens mirror camera developed in the Soviet Union. It is one of the first-ever single-lens mirror cameras which was issued at the Krasnogorsk mechanical plant from 1952 to 1956. He is developed on the basis of the ranging camera Sharp-sighted, being issued on KMZ since 1949. In total during production have produced nearly more than 21 million copies of these cameras.



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