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Russia suggested the USA to take written obligations about non-interference - RIA Novosti, 12.10.2018

MOSCOW, 12 Oct – RIA Novosti. Russia suggests the USA to take together written obligations about non-interference to affairs of each other, Moscow is ready to give such guarantees "at any time", however from the United States of such desire is not observed, the director of the department of North America said in an interview to RIA Novosti the Russian Foreign Ministry Georgy Borisenko.© of AFP 2018/Nicholas Kamm "In a System Vice". The political scientist the Russian diplomat told about Trump's opposition and "fake media" that the Russian Federation "repeatedly suggested Americans to take together written obligations about non-interference to internal affairs of each other". "At the same time specified that it is possible to be based on experience of recovery of diplomatic relations between our countries in 1933. Then the Foreign Commissar of the USSR Maxim Litvinov and the U.S. President Franklin Roosevelt exchanged personal notes which contained the obligation not to attempt upon internal foundations of each other. What is interesting – drew American authorities as in the conditions of the Great depression they strongly were afraid of the Soviet influence on it" — Borisenko explained. "Now we suggest to carry out exchange of letters approximately of the same contents, for example, between heads of the Russian Foreign Ministries and the USA. Unfortunately, in Washington from it persistently leave, just refuse flatly" — the director of the department of Russian Foreign Ministry noted. According to him, last time Moscow made the similar proposal to Washington in June of the current year, before the summit in Helsinki. "We then sent the draft of the similar letter to our American colleagues that they considered it. The answer of the USA was negative" — Borisenko.© of RIA Novosti RIA Novosti Nikolsky reported Trump complained to Pass into an image bank that it is abused for softness to Rossiitaky in the way, according to him, "a conclusion arises that Americans do not want to undertake obligations about non-interference to our affairs". "We are ready to give them written guarantees at any time, but from the American side of counter desire is not present" — Borisenko added. In the U. S. Congress there are independent investigations concerning "the Russian intervention" in an election of the president of the USA at which Trump won. Similar investigation is also conducted by FBI. In the American media messages regularly appear with reference to unnamed sources, about contacts of members of the campaign headquarters of Trump with the Russian officials and businessmen. Russia repeatedly disproved charges of intervention in elections of the USA, the Russian President's Press Secretary Dmitry Peskov called them "absolutely unfounded". Read the full text of an interview with Georgy Borisenko on the website>>



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