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Russia has suggested to create the individual program of checkups, Kommersant - RIA Novosti, writes 11/9/2018

Point of technical inspection of cars. Archival photo
MOSCOW, 9 Nov — RIA Novosti. In Russia the new system of checkup which will be tied to a run and accidents is created, Kommersant with reference to the representative of the Electronic Passport company Boris Ionov.© of the Photo writes: FM B of traffic police have told Astrakhan how many people perish in road accident because of breakages avtomobileyotmechatsya that for technical inspection of cars "the individual program" on the basis of characteristics of the car, features of operation, data on road accident, insured events, revocable campaigns and a run is offered. It will be created or the "good" history meaning cheaper and rare checkups or "bad" which will entail more careful and expensive THAT. However, according to Ionov, on similar changes several years as at first it is necessary to create the corresponding conditions can leave, and in the EPTS system a certain history of cars.© RIA Novosti / Evgeny Epanchintsev has to collect to Pass into an image bank the Car expert has estimated the procedure of checkup of cars at Rossiieto not the first change in rules of checkup for the last year. In February the government has toughened an order of his carrying out. So, now, except the sign of an emergency stop, the driver surely has to show the first-aid kit. Besides, it is forbidden to operate the car at damages and defects of the power steering. If the driver uses studded rubber, then it is necessary to establish her on all four wheels of the car. New rules forbid to establish the colourless or painted optical details and to paste films on headlights and also to dismantle the screen wipers and windscreen washers.© provided by manufacturer RIA Novosti / Alexander Kryazhev to Pass into an image bank want to impose criminal liability For illegal checkup, write Smipravil again have changed at the beginning of May. Earlier the diagnostic card wasn't issued to the driver if the car didn't correspond at least to one of mandatory requirements of safety. After innovations the document can receive any car, but with the indication of violations. In August the government has approved bills of improvement of system of checkup. It is offered to enter photo and video fixing of checkup. Diagnostic cards are supposed to be made out in the form of the electronic document with the digital signature of the technical expert who was carrying out diagnostics.



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