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Russia has restored space control system destroyed at crash of the USSR - RIA Novosti, 8/25/2018

MOSCOW, 25 Aug — RIA Novosti. The institute of applied mathematics of Keldyscha RAHN has created the network of telescopes distributed on the globe for control of space instead of uniform network of observation of the Earth orbit which has ceased to function with the collapse of the USSR. It is said in materials of institute, available RIA Novosti. © Photo: Astronomers have found out ESO/M. Kornmesser why some black holes are "danced" "observations of ten old observatories Are resumed: Tarija (Bolivia), Ussuriysk, Blagoveshchensk, Huraltogot (Mongolia), Kitab (Uzbekistan), Gissar, Sanglok (both are Tajikistan), Abastumani (Georgia), Uzhhorod (Ukraine), Kastelgrande (Italy). New places are studied and eight more points of observations — on Kamchatka, the Far East, in Siberia, in Altai, in Moldova, Mexico are organized. All geostationary orbit is blocked" — it is said in the document. The institute has noted that because of the collapse of the USSR the most part of observatories remained abroad and has practically stopped work. Among them there was also almost all scientific network for observations of space objects in a geostationary orbit for needs of the Center of control of space. Now returned in a system and new telescopes obtain data on starts of satellites, their destruction in an orbit or atmospheric entry, monitor potentially dangerous rapprochements of spacecrafts, trace and specify models of distribution of space debris.© of DLR Scientists have chosen the place for landing of first "asteroidokhod" This system interacts with control systems of space of Roskosmos, RAS, the separate organizations and scientific institutes. As appears from materials, data process on the basis of the supercomputer with a productivity of 100 TFLOPS (100 trillion operations per second) at Institute Keldyscha. For the beginning of 2018 in the computer there was information on 2438 objects in a geostationary orbit (height of 36 thousand kilometers above the ground, communication satellites settle down here), 2925 objects in a high-elliptic orbit (it is generally used for communication satellites) and 361 object in a medium-to-high okolokrugovy orbit (about 20 thousand kilometers, in such orbit rotate satellites of GLONASS and GPS navigation systems). According to NASA, on Earth orbit there are about 19 thousand artificial objects seen from Earth.© of the Photo: Roskosmos the Russian astronauts change for the ISS at Americans cottage cheese on крабовВ the catalog of the Russian Control system of space 13 thousand artificial objects are registered: seven thousand more than 20 centimeters in size on low Earth orbit (from 160 to two thousand kilometers) and six thousand of 20-40 centimeters in size — on high (from two thousand to 50 thousand kilometers). In 2016 scientists of leading scientific research institute of Roskosmos of TsNIIMash have come to a conclusion that if not to be engaged in a solution of the problem of space debris, then in 100-200 years development of space activity can stop — all Earth orbit will be covered with fragments of the space equipment. In February



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