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Russia has developed technology for regeneration of the injured bone tissues - RIA Novosti, 11/9/2018

ROSTOV-ON-DON, 9 Nov – RIA Novosti, Yulia Nasulina. The Rostov engineers have developed technology of creation of bioactive frameworks – skaffold – for cultivation of durable implants from living cells, the representative of Donskoy of the state technical university has reported to RIA Novosti. The staff of research laboratory "Engineering Technologies in Medicine" was engaged in development of technology (the DGTU joint venture and the Rostov research oncological institute). According to developers, the innovation will find broad application both in regenerative medicine, and in research activity. According to the project manager Sergey Capek, the problem of elimination of the defects received because of congenital pathologies, injuries or surgeries is extremely relevant. It is possible to restore the damaged fabrics by means of a bone auto-and an alloplastika, however the donor is necessary for these methods. Besides, there is a risk of infection of an organism and rejection of biomaterial. "We propose innovative solution which will unite the fields of regenerative medicine, additive technologies (technologies of layer-by-layer synthesis) and computer-aided engineering systems" — Capek has told. The feature of technology is that by means of the 3D-printer the framework on which the young cells of a bone tissue of the patient which are completely corresponding to biomechanical features of the damaged fabric "are settled" is built. Thus, it is possible to create hypoallergenic implants which won't be torn away by an organism. As a basis for production of skaffold engineers use medical alloy of the titan. Skaffolda are the three-dimensional porous matrixes necessary for spatial formation of future cellular body or its fragment. "Process of creation of model of a matrix rather labor-consuming as at the heart of each structure certain mathematical formulas thanks to which it is possible to create various forms of a time are put and also to regulate their density" — the engineer of laboratory Yulia Mikhaylina has explained. Upon completion of modeling the design of a necessary framework is made by means of additive technologies. Such method is suitable for production of skaffold as allows to create tiny products of high precision and the corresponding density. Engineers have already put innovative technology into practice: by means of additive technologies the first samples of skaffold have been grown up. They will be sent to the Rostov research oncological institute where experts in cellular cultures will start cultivation of human cages on titanic skaffolda.



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