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Roskachestva has told how to choose ideal pelmeni - RIA Novosti, 11/9/2018

MOSCOW, 9 Nov — RIA Novosti. Experts Roskachestva have told how to choose qualitative pelmeni how many they can be eaten without harm to a figure and as it is correct to store a semi-finished product. "The structure of a dish has to be extremely simple and clear. Ideal pelmeni have to contain only seven ingredients: mincemeat, onion, salt, pepper, flour, water and eggs" — it is said in the statement of the organization. Experts Roskachestva warn: the formulation of "spice" in structure is very vague. Under the guise of her producers can add to structure amplifiers of taste and fragrances. Experts recommend to choose a product which marking strictly registers everything used as a part of spice. According to experts, cellulose and starch shouldn't be neither in forcemeat, nor in the test – "such course is deception of the consumer". Besides, pelmeni in a pack have to be friable. Bound together production can speak about violation of storage conditions. Experts have also explained that pelmeni divide into categories from "And" to "Д" — they are distinguished by amount of meat as a part of a ready-made product. The category "A" says that as a part of forcemeat — not less than 80% of meat. Category "B" — not less than 60% of meat, belong to them "Elite", "Beef", "Veal", "East". The category "B" has not less than 40% of meat in forcemeat, carry to them "Russian", "Siberian", "Table", "Traditional", "Sabantuy". Pelmeni of category "G" have not less than 20%, and "Д" may contain less than 20% of meat, other part of forcemeat will be made at the same time by spices, onions and an animal offal. Experts add that usually in crude pelmeni the ratio of forcemeat and the test equals 60/40, 50/50 or 40/60. It means that the kilogram of a product even with the high content of meat in structure (category A) can't be more expensive than kilogram of meat. Before purchase it is necessary to pay attention to an expiration date of production and compliance of temperature condition of storage. The maximum period of storage – six months, temperature has to be not higher minus 10 degrees. "For those who watch closely the weight the portion of pelmeni shouldn't exceed 10 pieces — 150 grams, about 300 kilocalories" — experts note, adding that it is necessary to avoid additives in the form of mayonnaise, oil and fat sour cream. Also has told Roskachestvo that it intends to check quality of pelmeni in shops of the Russian Federation. Experts will study a meat stuffing, will check dough for a razvarivayemost, will estimate taste of pelmeni and will find out whether they contain dyes and fragrances. Through the whole country about 50 packs, including "children's" types and popular "bulmen" will be purchased today. Production is investigated in more than 50 parameters on qualities and safety.



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