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Romir: the volume of "spare cash" of Russians in July has decreased - RIA Novosti, 8/16/2018

MOSCOW, 16 Aug — RIA Novosti. The volume of "spare cash" at Russians in July was reduced by 9,2% in comparison with June of the current year and was the average sum of 27,7 thousand rubles; decrease in an indicator has happened after growth in June, however in last years the July value of the index decreased stronger, it is told in a research of Romir holding which is available at the disposal of RIA Novosti. © Fotolia/Carlo Toffolo Are called products which Russians became a thicket покупатьИндекс spare cash of Romir — a difference between income of a household and expenditure for necessary goods and services. Calculations are made on the basis of data the scan panel of households of Romir. It is based on given consumption of 40 thousand Russians, 15 thousand households in 220 cities with the population more than 10 thousand people. The holding specified earlier that in June the volume of "spare cash" of Russians has sharply grown — by 23% in comparison with May, to 29,7 thousand rubles. The indicator has been specified: by new estimates, the volume of "spare cash" in June was 30,5 thousand rubles, and in July it has decreased up to 27,7 thousand. At the same time July decrease in the index was less, than in last years: in 2017 it has made 23,2% in comparison with June, in 2016 — 23,3%, in 2015 — 18,1%. "According to the July research "Romira", this year many Russians have refused trips to holiday time, and on hands they could have more money because of not spent "vacation pay". The situation, atypical for July, once again confirms this conclusion. The season of holidays has declined, also values of the index decrease" — RIA Novosti / Evgeny Biyatov notes holding.© to Pass the Research into an image bank: young Russians more positive perceive cryptocurrencies" It is possible to assume that in an early autumn of the loudspeaker of the index of spare cash will already correspond to the usual schedule" — it is added in the message. In comparison with July, 2017 the volume of "spare cash" has increased by 1,5 times. The average annual value of the index following the results of the first seven months of year was 24,1 thousand rubles, and since the beginning of year the indicator has risen by 48,1% (about 18,7 thousand rubles). In million-plus cities the value of the index in July has decreased by 8,5% in comparison with June and was 35,7 thousand rubles. In the cities with number of inhabitants 0,5-1 million the index has decreased by 8,8%, to 29,2 thousand rubles. In the cities with the population of 100-500 thousand people the index was reduced by 10,2%, having made 19,3 thousand rubles.



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