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ROC: the decision of Constantinople to allow priests second marriage nekanonichno - RIA Novosti, 9/4/2018

MOSCOW, 4 Sep – RIA Novosti. The solution of the Constantinople patriarchy to allow repeated marriage for the priests contradicts church canons and established practices and will be disapprovingly met in all orthodox world, priests of Russian Orthodox Church have told RIA Novosti. Earlier Sacred Synod of the Constantinople church has allowed representatives of clergy to marry once again in case the priest has become a widow/widower or the spouse herself has left him. The Constantinople patriarchy suggested to make the decision on a vtorobrachiya of priests in 2016 on Cretan cathedral, however then other local orthodox churches have opposed it. © Photo: Dima Tereshchenko In ROC have told in what cases it is possible to get married before marriage registration "Of course, this decision contradicts centuries-old practice and the direct indication of a word of the Scripture which orders to the clergyman to be "the husband of one wife". Or not married, "tselibatny", is not the Writing, and the subsequent practice any more" — the chairman of educational committee of ROC archpriest Maxim Kozlov has told. He has also reminded that according to the settled centuries-old tradition marriage has to take place to a hirotoniya (ordination) of the priest. "Such is throughout, at least, one and a half millennia, establishment of orthodox church. What has arisen in the Constantinople patriarchy need of revision of this establishment, I don't undertake to tell as this internal affair of the Constantinople patriarchy. But it is sure that it won't lift her authority in all orthodox world, won't add consent between orthodox churches, a personnel problem if that exists in the Constantinople church, won't help to solve" — Kozlov has noted. Commenting on contents of the document, he has paid attention that in him it is about admissibility of second marriage for priests either widowed, or that who were left by the wife. "But even if the first case still can be somehow it is clear estimated, then in a divorce situation every time to give an assessment who is more guilty who will be able?" – the interlocutor of the agency has emphasized. According to him, on examples of stains of laymen it is possible to draw a conclusion that not always the person who has decided to file for a divorce in fact "is guilty more the one who has actually brought family to a raspadeniye and the acts RIA Novosti / Sergey Stefanov "Low bow by the Russian" has achieved this step".©: joy and grief of the Donbass priests in Russia" Therefore, I think that this decision won't find understanding in completeness of universal Orthodoxy" — the head of educational committee of ROC believes. Besides, the priest has reminded that the question of the married episcopate and a vtorobrachiya of clergymen rose also in the history of the Russian church earlier: Renovationists during the postrevolutionary period. "And, by the way, it was one of important factors on which the completeness of the church people estimated those innovations which were offered by Renovationists. I don't want to draw parallels, but I can't see some analogy to what occurred nearly 100 years ago here



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