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ROC: most of the church people in Ukraine won't accept autocephaly - RIA Novosti, 9/3/2018

MOSCOW, 3 Sep – RIA Novosti. Autocephaly in Ukraine will provoke one more split, she won't be accepted by most of the church people, the chairman of the department of external church relations (DECR) of the Moscow patriarchy Metropolitan of Volokolamsk Illarion has said. "Autocephaly won't be accepted by most of the church people, and only her handful of dissenters will accept. Thereby split will be legitimized that will strike big blow to Orthodoxy in Ukraine and will split all body of world Orthodoxy" — the hierarch on air of the Church and World program on Russia-24 TV channel has told. © Photo: It is provided by the press service of the patriarch of Moscow and all Russia the Metropolitan Illarion has commented on a meeting of patriarchs Kirill and Varfolomeyapo to data which were provided by the metropolitan Illarion, the initial Ukrainian Orthodox Church contains 12 thousand arrivals and more than 200 monasteries, including the largest monasteries today. "It is tens of millions of believers. And dissenting groups combined won't make even a half from this number of arrivals, they haven't enough monasteries because there is no real monastic life there", – the head of OVTsS has noted. By way of illustration he has given the religious procession which has taken place in Kiev on the 1030 anniversary of the Christianization of Kievan Rus' which, despite obstacles from the Ukrainian authorities, has brought together more than 200 thousand orthodox believers, and have come to an alternative religious procession of dissenters 10 times less than people though it has been organized "according to the order", and people were taken by buses there. As the bishop has emphasized, the vast majority of orthodox believers of Ukraine is a flock of initial Ukrainian Orthodox Church which about autocephaly didn't ask and never recognizes her. The metropolitan Illarion has also critically estimated the discussed statement that transition of the Kiev metropolitanate to the Moscow patriarchy at the end of the 17th century allegedly was a temporary phenomenon. The hierarch has declared historical groundlessness of this thesis as documents confirm the return. "When patriarchs Constantinople wrote the Patriarch of Moscow, they called him the patriarch Velika, Small and White Russia. This title speaks for itself" — the representative of ROC has noted. Appealing to a modern Ukrainian question, the metropolitan Illarion has emphasized that any intervention in him with false historical parcels on a wave of a political crisis and active rejection of the idea of autocephaly by the church people will provoke new splits and, as a result, will break unity of world Orthodoxy.



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