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Residents of Ufa have told about a night earthquake - RIA Novosti, 9/5/2018

Ufa. Archival photo
UFA, 5 Sep — RIA Novosti. Residents of Ufa have noticed on Tuesday night how because of tremors in apartments ware, chandeliers and furniture shiver, but many have written off it for a draft or features of houses. On Tuesday night in the north of Chelyabinsk region, in 133 kilometers from Ufa there was an earthquake. "We live in the center, in the new house on Sverdlov Street. I have woken up at night from a ring of a crystal chandelier and a sconce. I have decided that the daughter has fallen asleep, without having closed a window, and it happens because of a draft. But windows have been closed. Then I haven't thought that I this earthquake, have just fallen asleep, without having found out the reason" — the female resident of Ufa Zulfia Tukayeva has shared impressions with RIA Novosti. Chandeliers were unsteady. And Ufa is closer to epicenter in Katav-Ivanovsk, than Chelyabinsk to the words of other resident from the residential district Dyoma, because of pushes in the apartment moved to Pass furniture.© RIA Novosti / Vladimir Sergeyev into an image bank the Chelyabinsk governor has charged to estimate earthquake consequences in the region "have woken up at Night because the glass case has begun to move, cups which were in the trailing family way in a sink have begun to shake. The house at us old, have thought that floor boards are loosened. And have learned in the morning that in Ufa there was the real earthquake" — the resident Ivan has told the agency. The chairman of the board of deputies of Katav-Ivanovsk Galina Fedoseyeva has written on the page in VKontake that in Ufa "the earth and asphalt on one of the central streets has failed". On Tuesday night in seven kilometers to the northwest of Katav-Ivanovsk have recorded an earthquake. According to the European-Mediterranean seismological center, magnitude was 5,5. Tremors have recorded at 03:58 local time. The center lay at a depth of ten kilometers. There are no dead and injured. 560 calls from residents of Ufa, the Beloretsk and Salavat districts have come to the Ministry of Emergency Situations of Bashkiria with complaints to tremors at night. The last noticeable earthquake in the Urals was in the fall of 2015, then magnitude was 4,1.



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