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Renewal of trade negotiations completely depends on the USA, have declared in the People's Republic of China - RIA Novosti, 9/25/2018

BEIJING, 25 Sep — RIA Novosti. Renewal of trade negotiations with the USA completely depends on the American side, but they can't be seen off "with a knife at a throat", the deputy minister of commerce of the People's Republic of China Wang Шоувэнь.© of AFP 2018/Wang Zhao In Minkommertion of China has said on Tuesday have told what trade war with the USA "will lead to When China and the USA will be able to resume trade negotiations at the high level, completely depends on the American side. We consider, trade contradictions have to be solved by means of negotiations. But in order that negotiations were effective, it is necessary that there was an equality and mutual respect. Now the USA has entered such huge restrictive trade measures. It as to put a knife to a throat to another, how in such conditions to conduct negotiations?" — Wang Shouwen at a briefing has told. He has emphasized that in such conditions it is unequal negotiations. He has added that when negotiating the sincerity of the parties is also necessary. Wang Shouwen has also reminded that China and the USA have carried out already four rounds of trade consultations at the high level. According to the deputy minister, it is impossible to say that these negotiations were useless. "During many consensuses have been reached. The parties have even published a joint statement, but the American side has given up on them, has applied restrictive measures in trade. Therefore it isn't impossible to hold such negotiations" — Wang Шоувэнь.© has noted AP Photo/Charles Dharapak the Expert: The USA tries to force China to negotiations on the usloviyakhon once again has emphasized that only at the equal relation each other it is possible to hold negotiations. On Monday duties of 10% for goods from China for 200 billion dollars which the U.S. President Donald Trump announced a week ago have come into force. Since January 1 tariffs will grow to 25%. Trump hasn't excluded also the third stage of duties — on goods worth about 267 billion dollars if China continues to undertake countermeasures. The Chinese side has in turn stated that it will take synchronous measures and will introduce duties of 10% and 5% in size on the American import of 60 billion dollars.© of REUTERS/Damir Sagolj "Washington — not in Those Conditions". The expert about reaction of China on sanktsiitorgovy war between China and the USA has begun after on July 6 this year the mutual raised customs duties between these states have come into force. The USA has introduced duty into 25% for import of 818 names of goods from China with a total amount of deliveries of 34 billion dollars a year. As a counter-measure China in the same day has introduced duty into 25% for import of equivalent volume of the American goods. In August the USA has introduced duty into 25% for import of the Chinese goods of 16 billion dollars. Right after it the Chinese side has entered similar measures. Discontent of the USA is caused by a trade imbalance between two countries which, by estimates of Washington, makes 500 billion dollars in favor of China.



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