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Regions with the most available and expensive electric power - RIA Novosti, are called 9/3/2018

MOSCOW, 3 Sep — RIA Novosti. The most available electric power in Russia — in the Irkutsk region, inhabitants of this region in the second half of the year 2018 can get on the average salaries nearly 37 thousand kWh a month whereas residents of Kalmykia — 5,3 thousand kWh, experts of rating agency RIA Reyting.© JSC OEK Igra na ponizheniye have counted or As modern electric substations" work At the first place in the rating presented to RIA Novosti the Irkutsk region that is caused by very low price of the electric power in this region. After the Irkutsk region regions in which price level is significantly lower than average Russian – KhMAO and YaNAO also follow. Besides, these regions are one of leaders in the income of the population" — it is said in a research. The lowest availability in Kalmykia, in Adygea and in Altai Republic. In these regions and also in other of the lower ten availability of the electric power is 6-7 times lower, than in the Irkutsk region. At the same time in the top ten of regions with the most available electric power, there are three regions where the price is higher average Russian is Moscow, the Nenets Autonomous Okrug and the Sakhalin region. High availability is defined by exclusively high income of the population.© RIA Novosti / Igor Zarembo Pereyti in an image bank of Watts all-powerful here: how to save on electricity in квартиреПо electric power costs the cheapest for the population is on sale also in the Irkutsk region – a little more than 100 rubles for 100 kWh. "The phenomenon of the Irkutsk region, first, is explained by the fact that in local power the share of the electric power developed by hydroelectric power station is big" — it is said in a research. Besides, the main producer and the consumer of the electric power here in the uniform person is the En group which includes several local hydroelectric power stations and the aluminum plants. "Most likely, such symbiosis allows to keep in this region of price of electricity at very low level" — authors of rating note. The highest growth rate of tariffs in the Republic of Crimea which only last year has been included in an integrated power grid. Nevertheless despite the growth of tariffs in the republic for 11,1%, the electric power remains to one of the cheapest among regions of Russia and the lowest in the Southern Federal District here. Price of electricity for the population is regulated by the state. The prices are indexed once a year, and the size of indexation is tied to inflation.© Infographics Leaders and outsiders of rating of regions of Russia in availability of the electric power



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