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Regional Regional Offices of the Ministry of Internal Affairs buy mobile scanners for capture of prints online - RIA Novosti, 8/16/2018

MOSCOW, 16 Aug — RIA Novosti. Regional central boards of police buy mobile palmar dactyloscopic scanners for carrying out identification of the personality in real time. Information on it is placed on the portal of state procurements.© of Sputnik/Tabyldy Kadyrbekov to Pass into an image bank In Russia have noted low demand for the services connected with biometrics банковОколо a week ago the order of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation of June 19 which approves an order of carrying out identification of the identity of the person on fingerprints (palms) of hands in real time has come into force. According to the text of the order, fingerprints undertake online to identify the personality of the person who isn't capable to report data on himself owing to age or the state of health. Besides, the similar procedure is carried out if the person has no documents and also for confirmation of the personality. The order establishes the list of categories of persons which don't undergo obligatory dactyloscopic registration if their personality was identified on prints online. Citizens of the Russian Federation, foreigners and persons without citizenship who were subjected to administrative detention belong to these categories. Also it concerns foreigners and persons without citizenship who ask to grant political, provisional shelter or to recognize them as refugees in the territory of Russia. This list includes citizens who have filed petitions for delivery of permissions on temporary accommodation or the residence permit. Foreigners and persons without citizenship to whom AFP 2018/Lars Hagberg For a trip to Canada to Russians grant the patent or the work permit in the Russian Federation.© can be limited to identification on prints online it is necessary to hand over prints пальцевКак it is told in the text of the order if prints of the checked citizen coincide with prints of other person, information on whom is stored in a dactyloscopic information system of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, then the police officer reports on results of check on the chief. If check online establishes that fingerprints belong to the person in search, the order orders to the employee to report on the chief and to report about it to the most checked. At present on the portal purchases from the Departments of MIA for Moscow, the Krasnoyarsk, Stavropol regions, the Novosibirsk, Kursk, Kemerovo, Belgorod, Tomsk, Chelyabinsk, Arkhangelsk, Vologda, Penza regions, the Udmurt, Chuvash Republic, Tatarstan, Komi, Kalmykia, Karelia, KhMAO and YaNAO are placed. The sums of purchases fluctuate from 1 million (YaNAO and Chelyabinsk region) to 75 million (Moscow) of rubles. In documentation practically of all auctions it is told about the palmar dactyloscopic scanner "Papilon DS-45". He is intended for scanning of fingerprints (beskraskovy rolling), control prints (prints of four fingers of each hand and prints of big) and also prints of palms. In particular, the capital Department of MIA plans to buy 360 scanners of a print of a palm and 980 scanners of a fingerprint. © RIA Novosti / Alexey Danichev to Pass into an image bank



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