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Records of "Army-2018". Than the largest defensive forum of year - RIA Novosti, was remembered 8/27/2018

MOSCOW, 27 Aug — RIA Novosti, Nikolay Protopopov. Twenty six thousand exhibits, hundreds of samples of the latest arms and thirty signed contracts for delivery of military equipment — in the Moscow region Cuban the largest annual military and technical salon "Armiya-2018" has come to the end. In this to year to the Patriot park to look at achievements of defense industry complex of Russia representatives more than hundred states have gathered. About the most important agreements concluded at a forum, and the most interesting developments — in material of RIA Novosti. One of the most anticipated contracts — purchase of the Russian Defense Ministry of large consignment of the latest T-14 tanks and T-15 armored combat vehicles on the universal caterpillar Armata platform. Until the end of the 2021st 132 pieces of equipment will come to troops. The first nine soldiers will receive this year.© RIA Novosti / Alexey Filippov to Pass into an image bank Rosoboronexport to "Armies" Yury Borisov supervising defense industry complex has signed contracts for 20,3 billion rubleyvitse-premieres of Russia has said that "Armata" surpasses foreign analogs in some indicators for 15-30 percent. The Russian developments, thus, can have enormous demand in the export market. One more noticeable agreement — Airborne troops until the end of the 2020th will receive 130 modernized BMD-4M airborne fighting vehicles and about 60 modernized BTR-MDM armored personnel carriers. Besides, for winged infantry will capitally repair nearly seventy BMP-3 and more than two hundred BMP-2. On the demonstration platform among well-known to the whole world of T-72 tanks, howitzers Msta-with, the fire-throwing systems "Buratino" and "Solntsepek" there were also several debutants. For example, perspective surface-to-air missile Derivation-PVO artillery system 2C38. His main tool — the 57-millimeter gun with the rate of fire of 120 shots a minute. Other novelty — the wheel armored Boomerang platform intended not only for transportation of the military personnel, but also for fight against infantry of the opponent, armored personnel carriers and even tanks. Possibilities of the latest military equipment were shown right there: in the territory of the Patriot park large-scale demonstration performances were held. In the battlefield there were upgraded T-90M, T-80BVM tanks, Infidel BMP-1AM infantry fighting vehicles, the ZU-23M antiaircraft emplacement of Spark and extralight shock Squadron buggies. Special attention was traditionally paid to Navy. The top developments have presented tens of design offices and shipbuilding companies — the perspective fighting ships, submarines, arms and means of a radar-location. Construction of large batches of the ships for the Navy will become the main tendency for the next years in shipbuilding. In particular, as the chief adviser to the president of United Shipbuilding Corporation admiral Victor Chirkov has reported, not less than 18 frigates of 22350 and 36 type of corvettes of the project 22380 will be a part of the fleet. So far the Andreevsky colors are hoisted by one frigate of this series — the head ship of the Admiral Gorshkov project. The second vessel —"



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