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Putin will come around on a wedding before negotiations with Merkel ‍ - RIA Novosti, 8/15/2018

SOCHI, 15 Aug — RIA Novosti. The President of Russia Vladimir Putin plans to visit on August 18 a wedding of the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Austria Karin Knaysl, the press secretary of the head of state Dmitry Песков.© the RIA Novosti / Press service of the Russian President Pereyti in an image bank of the Interview of Putin to the Austrian TV has confirmed have watched nearly one million people "Yes, will come around on the way to Berlin" — he has told. The Assistant to the President Yury Ushakov, in return, has explained that Knaysl has invited Putin to the wedding when he was on a visit in Vienna at the beginning of June, and now in connection with a trip to Berlin the Russian leader had had such opportunity. "We will come around and we will congratulate" — Ushakov has told. According to the Kronen Zeitung newspaper, the ceremony of a wedding of Karin Knaysl and Wolfgang Meilinger will be held in wine-making economy in the south of the federal Land of Styria. As have reported edition sources, have involved special forces "Cobra" in safety. On Saturday, August 18, the Russian president will visit Berlin where he will meet German Chancellor Angela Merkel. The American sanctions and also construction of the Nord Stream — 2 gas pipeline will be discussed at negotiations, according to Peskov, a situation in Ukraine and in Syria. The Foreign Minister of Austria Karin Knaysl waits for Putin on the wedding on August 18th. And he will arrive. On the way to Merkel. And to Great Britain hasn't arrived to Harry and Meagen's wedding. Because it wasn't necessary to send the Russian diplomats toГлава of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Austria of Karin Knaysl — the non-party member of the coalition government of the Austrian People's Party and right Freedom Party of Austria (FPA) into which I have entered according to the proposal of the last following the results of elections of September, 2017. The government of Austria which adhered to the position moderated concerning all EU countries to Russia against the background of crisis of the relations of Moscow and the West also earlier from the moment of formation of the new coalition repeatedly took the initiative of establishing communications with Russia. So, Vienna became the only key EU country which hasn't sent the Russian diplomats against the background of "has put Skripalya". Knaysl then has said that "in hard times it is necessary to support dialogue". In March Knaysl has said that Vienna is ready to become the intermediary between Moscow and London within settlement of the conflict around "has put Skripalya", and in the summer Vienna was called one of possible platforms for the summit Putin and his American colleague Donald Trump. Karin Knaysl was born on January 18, 1965 in Vienna, a part of the childhood has carried out in Jordan where her father worked. I have got the first higher education at the University of Vienna where she studied law and an arabistika. In 1990 I was on diplomatic service, and I acted as the political expert, in particular, in the Middle East later. In the years of migration crisis in Europe criticized policy of European Commission and approaches to a solution of the problem of the government of Germany.



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