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Putin has suggested the Russian Railway to use developments of pupils of the center "Sirius"-RIA Novosti, 9/1/2018

SOCHI, 1 Sep — RIA Novosti. The President of Russia Vladimir Putin has suggested to use the Russian Railway in the work of development of pupils of the children's educational center "Sirius". © RIA Novosti / Alexey Druzhinin to Pass into an image bank Sirius will support gifted youth at employment, Putingwo has said time of visit of the new Innovative scientific and technological center on the basis of Sirius the head of state has examined work of "Artificial Intelligence and Information Technologies" laboratory where school students have presented service model of creation of interaction and management of employees at the enterprises of railway transport. As the head of the Russian Railway Oleg Belozerov has told, now railroad workers in Sirius together with pupils of the center are also engaged in development of a cluster of breakthrough technologies on the railroad, including use of artificial intelligence. According to the head of the company, school students have already made a number of interesting offers which can be introduced in the future. "You know that it is possible to use certainly possibilities of Sirius for the solution of the production tasks connected with optimization of the movement of goods and freights. And it is possible to get in this sense at once competitive advantage" — Putin has addressed the head of the Russian Railway.© RIA Novosti / Alexey Druzhinin to Pass into an image bank Putin has got acquainted with educational programs of the children's center "Sirius" "they Can formulate a task, and they will count" — he has offered. Besides, pupils of Sirius have told the head of state about work on the project on detection of cancer tumors on medical images by means of neural networks. According to pupils, technologies of artificial intelligence and big data are applied here, and the purpose of the project is development of the training tool for statement of more exact diagnoses. Putin has in turn taken an interest at the CEO of "Yandex" Elena Bunina who is present at laboratory about cooperation with pupils of Sirius. She has assured the head of state that it is surprised with the ideas and offers of young talents, and is ready to cooperate with many of them. © Putin has told RIA Novosti what leadership skills have helped him to achieve an uspekharukovoditel of the Internet company has told Putin about how developments of young scientists can be applied in the future to development of pilotless transport and the voice assistant Alice. "I remember, I have asked something her — have nonplused her" — the president has reacted. Bunina in turn admitted that the program is still far from perfect. "She still is still a little bit silly, frankly speaking, but all — in the future" — the head of "Yandex" has answered.



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