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Putin has got acquainted with new control systems in work of GPK "Chernigovets" - RIA Novosti, 8/27/2018

KEMEROVO, 27 Aug — RIA Novosti. The Russian President Vladimir Putin has got acquainted with new electronic control systems in work of the mining Chernigovets complex and has looked at hi-tech explosion of 170 tons of saltpeter. The head of the Siberian Business Union company Mikhail Fedyaev acquainted with work of GPK on the section of the Russian leader of the same name. He has shown how by means of electronic systems in dispatching office the huge volume of data on work of the mine is output: on each dump truck and the escalator geopositioning sensors are installed, on screens in dispatching office routes and location of the equipment, fuel volume in tanks, pressure in tires are removed, the dispatcher watches location of each miner in a face. Thus there is a control and planning. The system has paid off in a year, having cut expenses on fuel on 30%. The head of the company told about progress of GPK in the foreign markets. Putin has arrived to Chernigovets coal mine to Kemerovo. I have communicated to workers, I have promised to make a holiday date of the 300 anniversary of the beginning of coal works on Kuzbass as "See how you work, trust you" — Putin has commented. Active export of breed on dump trucks continued before arrival of the head of state, but is closer to his emergence according to safety requirements of the technician and people have left the jobs in that part of a pit which has settled down at a depth about 150 meters (the deepest place is lower than the level of the earth on 290 meters in a section), there took place preparation for explosive works. The arrived president from the dispatching center watched loosening of mountain weight: 173 tons of explosive, 228th thousand cubic meters of breed of the top rock sheet, fifteen meters deep into. This weight then within five days will be shipped and taken out, thus access to mineral will be provided. The modern electronic system of detonation minimizes seismic fluctuations and impact on the environment: after a series of almost silent explosions in air the minimum quantity of dust has risen. The mining Chernigovets complex consists of the section of the same name, the Southern mine and two concentrating factories. Production capacity of a complex 8,8 million tons of coal mining a year, in 2025 production will be 10,9 million tons, in 2035 — 15 million. GPK produces high-quality coal, a concentrate, steam coal. More than 90% of the got mineral are shipped to the European countries and also to Brazil, China, Egypt. About 4 thousand people, the average salary — 50 thousand rubles work at GPK. ​



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