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Putin considers that in social networks there isn't enough positive content - RIA Novosti, 8/15/2018

MOSCOW, 15 Aug — RIA Novosti. Vladimir Putin considers that on social networks there isn't enough positive content.© RIA Novosti / Alexey Druzhinin Vladimir Putin has met volunteers Northern Kavkazarany the head of state has arrived to the educational forum "Mashuk" where has communicated to its participants. So, the project manager "Student's media holding" Visrail Hadiyev has told Putin as content for student's television stations is created. He has noted that mainly content extends in social networks, and in the future the studio intends to cooperate with regional TV channels. "It is especially healthy that you in networks work. Because, I so understand, a spirit of you the most positive. And the positive in networks is necessary to 100% which often isn't enough" — Putin has reacted. Also have discussed a subject of mass youth sport at a forum. One of representatives of Association of student's sports clubs has told the Russian leader that in four and a half years young activists have done a great job on creation of student's sports clubs and the organization of various championships and tournaments.© RIA Novosti / Denis Abramov to Pass into an image bank the Youth forum "Mashuk" became the authoritative platform, Putin has said" This movement, in my opinion, extremely important. It is necessary to be engaged, of course, in development of club student's sport and to organize competitions between higher education institutions" — Putin has told. The head of state has emphasized that it is necessary to help volunteers with this question. One more participant of a forum has told Putin about the voluntary project on assistance on water and during wildfires in which more than hundred people have taken part. At the same time one volunteer has saved three people on the Caspian Sea, the young man has noted.© RIA Novosti / Sergey Mamontov to Pass into an image bank the Native of Syria has thanked Putin for preservation of peace "First, this important in itself — rescue of human life. And, secondly, as for the second direction, fire extinguishing, we understand as far as it is relevant now" — Putin has told. The head of state has also emphasized that support of volunteers on fight against emergency situations can be considered good prevention. Besides, the president has visited a tent "About heroes" where have shown him drafts of the movies telling about heroes and history of Russia. One of them is devoted to the son of the imam Shamil, Jamal-ud-Din who studied in the Second pazhesky case and has grown up at court of Nicholas I. During that era it has served as a powerful incentive for reunification of Russia and the North Caucasus. New legends of the Caucasus: at the forum "Mashuk" there has passed the school медиаволонтераПрезидент positively has spoken of projects, having noted at the same time, as Nicholas I was "an extraordinary personality". After that he has retold a story about the emperor which he has heard recently. According to him, Nicholas I often passed along a route by one place where the division of soldiers has been engaged at economic works. "He greeted them: "Great, good fellows!". They answered him: "The health is desirable, your imperial Majesty!" — Putin has told. In the same place р



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