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Putin: feats and heroism of people in days of the Great Patriotic War won't forget - RIA Novosti, 5/9/2017

The Russian President V. Putin and the prime minister of the Russian Federation D. Medvedev on a military parade in honor of the 72nd anniversary of the victory in the Second World War
MOSCOW, on May 9 — RIA Novosti. Feats and the heroism of people shown in days of the Great Patriotic War will never forget, the Russian President Vladimir of Putin.© of RIA Novosti has declared. Grigory Sysoyevpereyti in фотобанкПутин: Armed forces of Russia are ready to reflect any threat "We will never forget that freedom of Europe and the long-awaited world on the planet have won our fathers, grandfathers and great-grandfathers. Marshals and privates, rebels and home front workers, guerrillas and underground workers, old men and children, people of different nationalities, professions were fighters of this great Victory. All of them with courage and boundless patience have passed through inconceivable tests of World War II" — Putin has said in the speech on Victory Day parade in Moscow. The head of state has noted heroism of veterans and those who have made the contribution to the Victory. According to him, during war people "without dream and rest worked at the plants and in hospitals, burned in tanks, froze in entrenchments, sank on crossings, blocked themselves front friends". "Today we bow to light memory of all who haven't returned from war, before memory of sons, daughters, fathers, mothers, grandfathers and great-grandfathers, husbands, wives, brothers, sisters, brother-soldiers, family, friends. We grieve over veterans who have already left us" — Putin has told, having announced a moment of silence. As celebrate the Victory Day in Russia and worldwide, you watch in the online reporting of RIA Novosti>>



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