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Purchase of F-35 by Brussels will cause damage to economy of Belgium, the expert - RIA Novosti, considers 9/3/2018

BRUSSELS, 3 Sep — RIA Novosti, Alexander Shishlo. Potentially possible decision of the government of Belgium to buy from the USA for modernization of the Air Force of the kingdom fighters of the fifth generation F-35 Lightining II is adverse as for economy of Belgium, and the European Union in general, the first deputy burgomaster of the Belgian commune of Ottinyi-Luven-la-Nev, the economist Cédric du Monso.© Foto considers: Ministry of Defence National Interest has told Lockheed Martin concern (F-35 Lightning II producer) about serious vulnerability of the F-35amerikansky fighters and British BAE Systems (Eurofighter Typhoon fighter) in February, 2018 became the only participants of the tender for re-equipment of the Air Force of Belgium with strike fighters of new generation. Po slovam du Monso, "the choice of replacement of F-16 (the strike fighters which are on arms of the Air Force of Belgium – an edition) isn't harmless neither for Belgium, nor for euro and Europe". "Why to choose the plane which is completely controlled by the USA (F-35) while Europe urgently needs policy of innovations in the industry, new technologies and arms? It (is necessary) not only for maintaining employment on our continent, but also that is even more important, for strengthening of the economic ecosystem which is the cornerstone of our single currency – euro" — the official on pages of the Libre Beilgique newspaper writes in the heading "Opinion". Po slovam du Monso, the final decision of the authorities of Belgium "will be the strong political act which will show or not readiness to consolidate our choice in support of the single currency and industrial policy favorable for employment and innovations". It is about replacement of the park of the F-16 fighters which are on arms of the Air Force of Belgium since the beginning of the 1980th years. The government of Belgium plans to allocate for purchase of new 34 strike fighters, according to data of media, in total RIA Novosti / Ilya Pitalev to Pass 15 billion euro.© into an image bank of B OAK have compared the cost of the SU-57 fighter and the American F-35B September, 2017 the refusal to continue participation in a competition on delivery of new warplanes was announced by the American aircraft manufacturing giant Boeing (the producer of the Super Hornet F/A-18 strike fighter) and the Swedish Saab (JAS-39 E Gripen). France also left the tender, having offered Brussels the Rafale F3R fighter of Dassault concern in exchange for "profound and structural partnership" in realization by France and Germany of the joint plan of creation by 2040 of warplanes of new generation in the context of development of the European defense. It is planned that the first F-16 of the Air Force of Belgium will be written off in 2023, and by 2028 all planes of this modification will be taken out of service. According to the Minister of Defence of Belgium Steven Vandeput, the final decision on the choice of the new fighter can be made by the government of the kingdom prior to the NATO summit on July 11-12. Signing of the contract on delivery is expected no later than the beginning of 2019.



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