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Producers in August have reduced petrol prices by 0,2% - RIA Novosti, 9/26/2018

MOSCOW, 26 Sep — RIA Novosti. The prices of producers in the Russian Federation on automobile gasoline in August fell in comparison with July by 0,2%, the prices of diesel fuel have grown — by 0,9%, Rosstat.© of RIA Novosti RIA Novosti Belousov has reported to Pass into an image bank FAS has demanded from oil refinery to reorient a part of deliveries on Russian rynoktsena of producers on Ai-81 brand gasoline — Ai-92 in August have decreased by 2,8%, the Ai-93 brands — Ai-95 — have grown by 1,6%, Ai-96 — Ai-98 — for 2%. Reduction in cost of gasoline is noted in 8 territorial subjects of the Russian Federation (from 2,7% in the Irkutsk region up to 7,4% in the Astrakhan region). In 10 territorial subjects of the Russian Federation gasoline became more expensive (from 0,7% in the Komi Republic up to 8,5% in the Yaroslavl region). Also in August in 58 territorial subjects of the Russian Federation, except the autonomous areas which are a part of area decrease in consumer prices of automobile gasoline was noted. And more he has fallen in price by 0,4% in 30 territorial subjects of the Russian Federation, from them is the most noticeable in the Republics of Ingushetia and Tyva – for 2,7%. Increase in prices for gasoline was observed in 6 territorial subjects of the Russian Federation, from them it is the most essential in the Magadan region – for 3,1%. In Moscow gasoline automobile for last month has fallen in price by 0,2%, in St. Petersburg the prices of him on average haven't changed. Consumer prices of automobile gasoline in August, 2018 on average in the Russian Federation exceeded the prices of producers by 1,9 times, a year ago – twice. Also in August the prices of producers of oil crude became 3,2% lower (since the beginning of year – have grown by 25,1%), tariffs for her transfer by pipeline transport have increased by 0,8% (since the beginning of year – for 5,4%).



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