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Prevails: why the ruble and as it will be long - RIA Novosti, grows 9/25/2018

MOSCOW, 25 Sep — RIA Novosti, Natalya Dembinskaya. Dollar exchange rate for the first time since the beginning of August has fallen lower than 66 rubles. The Russian currency becomes stronger from the middle of September and has already won back more than a half of a summer wave of falling (previous I was in April). Support is given by the period of tax payments and the growing prices of oil: Brent has struck through the level in 80 dollars for barrel. Whether this tendency and what values the ruble can reach if oil continues to rise in price — in material of RIA Novosti will remain. © RIA Novosti / Alexey Sukhorukov to Pass into an image bank the Dollar has fallen up to 66 rubles for the first time with 9 avgustaeksporter now sell a lot of foreign currency to gain rubles on payment of taxes. Besides, on September 14 the Central Bank has raised a key interest rate on 0,25 percentage points — to seven and a half annual interest rates. Honor this first increase in four years. One of important factors of strengthening of ruble — extension of the moratorium on purchase of currency within the budgetary rule. "Actually it removes demand for 250-300 million dollars daily" — Andrey Kochetkov, the leading analyst of the Opening Broker company explains. After the Ministry of Finance has stopped buying currency in domestic market, the ruble at the growing prices of oil and higher rate has begun to win back positions. "This week the ruble still can become stronger — to 65,50 for dollar" — Alexander Egorov, the currency strategist of TeleTrade predicts. However, as experts emphasize, all this short-term support, behind an exception unless the oil prices which have received the next powerful boost after the meeting of OPEC which main outcome — RIA Novosti / Alexey Vitvitsky to Pass refusal of increase in quotas for production.© into an image bank In the OPEC building in Vienna © RIA Novosti / Alexey Vitvitsky to Pass into an image bank In the OPEC building in Vienna Now in the global market there were all conditions for growth of oil quotations: in a number of the countries production falling is observed, but also, purchases of oil in Iran are reduced because of the American sanctions.© of AP Photo/Hasan Jamali Increase in prices for oil has accelerated on results of a meeting of OPEC "Members of the agreement of OPEC have increased production a little, but it is obviously not enough that in the market glut was observed" — Kochetkov specifies. In the past weekend the meeting of ministerial monitoring committee of OPEC has taken place, and the market is happy with her results — have responded to refusal of increase in quotas of quotation with two-percent growth. "Participants of OPEC have rejected requirements of Washington to sharply increase production. Besides in the USA production doesn't change three months in a row. It is connected with narrowness of petrotransport infrastructure and also with problems of the technology of slate production" — the analyst.© of AP Photo/Vahid Salemi the Iranian oil industry worker © comments on AP Photo/Vahid Salemi the Iranian oil industry worker At the same time over the market the real threat of deficiency of the offer hangs if the USA blocks deliveries from Iran. As writes Bloomberg, large petrotraders already predict quotations higher than 100 dollars for barrel against the background of the anti-Iranian sanctions. About a possibility of such scenario предупред



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