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Pope Francis has urged to develop dialogue with the People's Republic of China on the basis of the reached agreements - RIA Novosti, 9/26/2018

VATICAN, 26 Sep – RIA Novosti, Sergey Startsev. The Pope Francis on Wednesday has addressed with the special "Message to the Chinese Catholics and Universal church" in which he has assured believers of the People's Republic of China of continuous vicarial care of their interests and has hoped for continuation of fruitful dialogue with official Beijing. In the volume document which text was published by service of the press of the Holy See the pontiff has in detail explained motives of the conclusion of the "interim agreement" on appointment of bishops in the People's Republic of China signed last Saturday in Beijing during the visit of official Vatican delegation. The question of appointment procedure of Catholic bishops is one of the main obstacles in a way of normalization between Vatican and China which have broken off diplomatic relations in 1951. Now in the People's Republic of China actually there are two Catholic churches, and official Chinese patriotic church which bishops have been appointed by local authorities without coordination with the Holy See, totals about four million people. The conclusion of "interim agreement" between Vatican and the People's Republic of China has caused contradictory reaction in the Roman Catholic Church and, first of all, concern in the fate of the Chinese Catholics who aren't members of the church which is officially recognized by the authorities. This fact was admitted also by the father Francis who has noted in the message that "contradictory opinions on the present and especially about the future of the Catholic communities in China circulate recently". "One had had doubts and concern, others have a feeling that the Holy See, it seems, left them" — he has noted. © AP Photo/Alessandra Tarantino Pope Francis is disturbed by a humanitarian situation in Syria" At so difficult and considerable moment for life of Church I by means of this message want to assure, first of all, you that you daily are present at my prayers and to share with you the feelings living in my heart" — Francis has emphasized, addressing the Chinese Catholics. He has noted that the signed agreement became a fruit of long and difficult dialogue between the Holy See and authorities of the People's Republic of China which has been begun by his predecessors on the Apostolic throne John Paul II and Benedict XVI for restoration of full unity of the Chinese Catholics. According to the Pope, after long reflections and prayers, having listened to numerous opinions on the matter, he has come to the decision "to grant reconciliation to the remained seven "official" bishops imposed without papal mandate" in the People's Republic of China and not to apply to them any initial sanctions as a sign of again found unity. "In the sixth years of the pontificate which I from the first steps have put under the sign of merciful love of God, I urge all Chinese Catholics to become creators of reconciliation" — Francis has said. In this regard he has called all believers on the basis of new arrangements between the Holy See and Beijing "together to look for good candidates who will be able to undertake delicate and important episcopal service in Church". At the same time he has emphasized, чт



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