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Poison of spiders will help scientists to protect from Russia cells of a brain from death - RIA Novosti, 8/20/2018

MOSCOW, 20 Aug – RIA Novosti. The Russian and foreign scientists have found in poison of spiders-krugopryadov substance which studying will help to create the drugs suppressing excessive activity of nervous cages and protecting them from mass death. Their conclusions have been presented in the Neuron.© magazine of the Photo: Scientists from Russia have found Yu Zeng paralysis medicine in poison of spiders-bokokhodov "Is remarkable that in work we used the toxin of a spider discovered by the academician Evgeny Grishin in 1986. It turns out that those substances which the spider uses for murder of the victim will help us with creation of new medicines for treatment of neurodegenerate diseases", – Alexander Vasilevsky from the Moscow Physics and Technology faculty in Dolgoprudny whose words are cited by the press service of higher education institution has said. In recent years scientists find more and more interesting analogs of many drugs, drugs and poisons in organisms of a number of inhabitants of sushi and seas. For example, five years ago the French biologists have allocated the most powerful analgetic – мамбалгин – from poison of black mambas, acting on the person as strongly as opiates, but at the same time not causing accustomings. In addition, recently Russian biologists have found in poison of sea snails cones the molecule similar to insulin but at the same time operating one hundred times quicker him "the usual version" and one more safe analgetic. Vasilevsky and his colleagues from MIPT, IBH RAS and from a number of foreign higher education institutions have discovered one more interesting natural substance capable to help the person, studying toxins of spiders-krugopryadov of a look Argiope lobata. Poison of spiders, snakes and other poisonous animals as scientists explain, contains whole "cocktail" from proteins and different alarm molecules which can connect to receptors on a surface of nervous cages and block their work. In a "normal" situation it leads to paralysis or convulsions at the victim, however at development of violations in work of neurons similar molecules can help them to stabilize themselves and to avoid death. © Scientists have found Fotolia/Alexander Raths the general DNA at viruses - "killers" and black вдовыК to an example, Argiope lobata poison as the Soviet scientists have found 30 years ago, contains substance аргиопин, preventing nervous cages to exchange molecules of a glutamate, one of the main exciting chemical signals. The receptors which are reading out a glutamate sometimes become excessively active at development of neurodegenerate diseases that leads to "overload" of neurons ions and their mass death. Argiopin and molecules, similar to him, can save these cages from death, blocking work of a part of these receptors and not interfering with other aspects of life of a cage. For this purpose, however, it is necessary to understand how this poison works and as it is necessary to change his work that it wasn't excessively active. The Russian scientists and their foreign colleagues have taken the first step to the solution of this problem, having received the first superaccurate photos of the glutamate receptors connected with argiopiny and two other molecules partially similar to him in a form. © Photo: Scientists have found My Huynh replacement to morphine in poison of sea snails - "to



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