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Physics of CERN has "officially" opened new option of disintegration of Higgs boson - RIA Novosti, 8/28/2018

MOSCOW, 28 Aug – RIA Novosti. Representatives of collaborations of ATLAS and CMS have at the same time announced accumulation of enough the data indicating that Higgs boson can break up to couples of "charming" b-quarks. Their conclusions have been presented in articles directed to the publication in the Physical Review Letters.© magazine of the Photo: ATLAS of CERN: The LHC has seen the "main" option of disintegration of Higgs boson "For the last year to us and colleagues from ATLAS managed to see all four main channels of disintegration of Higgs boson, since couples of tau-leptons and finishing with "charming" quarks. The systems of machine learning and excellent job of a LHC has helped us to achieve similar result unexpectedly early" — Joel Butler has said, the official representative of collaboration of Cms.Bolshoy a hadron collider has finished the first cycle of the work in February, 2013 when the most powerful accelerator on Earth has been for the first time sent to long "vacation". Within this stage LHC it was succeeded to solve the main task – to find Higgs boson, the special particle which is responsible for the mass of all objects in the Universe. Higgs boson has been "caught" at once by two scientific groups of CERN which hunted for an imperceptible "particle of God" — the collaborations of ATLAS and CMS working with the detectors LHC of the same name. Traces of his disintegrations have been found in couples of photons and two other bosons which are responsible for transfer of weak and electromagnetic interactions. © Photo: Aurore Simonnet, Sonoma State University have indicated Microblack holes the physics holding the Universe from a raspadasvoyeobrazny twist of fate is that all these traces of disintegrations of Higgs boson are rather rare in comparison with the main option of destruction of "God's particle" – in 60% of cases it breaks up to couples of heavy b-quarks, but not to photons or bosons. Discovery of Higgs boson in traces of his rare disintegrations is connected with the fact that in them it is much simpler to look for him. Besides "God's particle", there is a mass of other particles which break up to couples of b-quarks approximately in 10 million times more often than Higgs boson. Therefore his initial search was in the similar way extremely difficult and unpromising occupation. Only when scientists were convinced that "God's particle" really exists and have precisely measured her weight, they have begun to look for also other options of her disintegrations. Only a year ago participants of collaboration of ATLAS could find the first hints on their existence, having analysed all data set on disintegrations of particles in a LHC which the collider received on an extent and the first and second cycle of the work. For search of traces of Higgs boson in huge data array scientists have resorted to cunning – they looked for not just his disintegrations on couples of b-quarks, and traces of disintegrations of couples consisting of Higgs boson and W or a Z-boson. Similar disintegrations as participants of ATLAS note, happen extremely seldom – all them there were about 30 thousand for all the time of work of a LHC. At the same time it is much easier to notice them, using the systems of artificial intelligence for the analysis of basic data. Initially level of statistical reliability of those traces "прелест



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