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Physics has revealed a secret of anomalies in an air of World War II - RIA Novosti, 9/26/2018

MOSCOW, 26 Sep – RIA Novosti. The mysterious anomalies which were periodically arising in an air of Great Britain in 1943-1945 were a peculiar echo of mass bombings of the German cities by aircraft of allies. Write the physics which has published article in the Annales Geophysicae.© magazine of the Photo about it: Public domain "For Us Everything Burns". The most terrible massive bombings of the XX century "it is surprising how the fluctuations generated by anthropogenic explosions can reach space border. Each raid of allies marked out approximately the same amount of energy as three hundred lightnings. The terrifying force of these blows has helped us to estimate as events on the Earth's surface can influence distant corners of her atmosphere" — Christopher Scott from Reading (Great Britain) university tells. As explain scientific, any large-scale events in a subsoil of the planet generate weight deep and enough powerful infrasonic waves which can reach an upper atmosphere and considerably to change pressure of air or distribution and density of electrons in an ionosphere. For example, the analysis of the data collected by the gravimetric and climatic GRACE satellites in March, 2011 has shown that they managed to record traces of the similar sound waves generated by the well-known nine-mark earthquake at east coast of Japan which has led to a tsunami and accident on the NPP "Fukushima". Scott and his colleague Patrick Major have opened one more very interesting example of how events on the Earth's surface influence an ionosphere when studied the anomalies in an air fixed by the British military radio stations and radio fans in 1943-1945. Elizabeth II has posthumously pardoned the famous scientist Alan Tyyuringaizuchaya the data collected by the Center of studying of radio waves in Slo (Britain) in military years, Major and Scott have paid attention to unusual regularity. Anomalies appeared approximately then when armadas British Lankasterov and American Superfortressov bombed Berlin, Essen, Düsseldorf, Cologne and other industrial centers of Nazi Germany. It has suggested to scientists an idea that carpet bombings could generate rather strong infrasonic fluctuations which have changed the nature of distribution of electrons and also speed of their movement as has led to these mysterious hindrances. They have checked this theory, having calculated force of the acoustic waves generated by the British and American air bombs and having estimated typical amount of the energy getting to the atmosphere because of explosions. © AP Photo Bombing of London: the beginning aviation terrorarascheta have shown that even rather modest raids of allies during which on the German cities less than 200 tons of bombs fell, caused quite strong fluctuations warming an ionosphere and accelerating the movement of electrons. It generated hindrances which were heard in an air even from distance in one thousand kilometers separating Britain from the western regions of Germany. Why nothing similar occurred in the first years of war when bombings ве



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