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Physics from Britain has opened a new form of "crystal" nitrogen - RIA Novosti, 11/9/2018

MOSCOW, 9 Nov – RIA Novosti. Compression of nitrogen up to the ultrahigh pressure turns him into the solid crystal material with unique properties having extremely complex structure. The first atomic photos of "solid nitrogen" have been published in the Nature Communications.© Depositphotos magazine of Physics from Russia have opened a new form of melting of matter" We hope that our experiences will draw attention of other scientists who will begin to study too why rather plain chemical elements can form so complex structures. Disclosure of this secret, in turn, will pave the way for search of even more interesting crystals" — Robin Turnbull from University of Edinburgh (Scotland) tells. Almost all elements and chemical compounds existing in the Universe can take four different modular forms of matter – to turn into a solid body, liquid, gas and plasma. These transformations, so-called phase transitions, already many centuries are studied by physics, and so far scientists can't tell surely that they completely understand all similar processes. Many solid substances as scientists for a long time know, can considerably change the structure and a manner of distribution of atoms on their thickness at change of pressure. Similar shifts in the device of a crystal lattice considerably change their density and many other physical properties what, for example, work of "fuse" of plutonium nuclear bombs is based on. © Photo: The press service of MIPT of Physics from Russia have opened new unusual line at artificial atomovtyornbul and his colleagues have revealed secrets of one of similar forms of the frozen nitrogen, making experiments on the accelerator of particles of ESRF which has been in common constructed by Russia and EU countries in the French Grenoble. This kind of nitrogen, as well as several others "firm grades" of this gas, have been experimentally opened in 2002 by group of the American physicists under the leadership of Evgeny Grigoryants and Alexander Goncharov working at that time at Institute of science of Carnegie in Washington. © RIA Novosti / Yury Strelets to Pass the Irish physics into an image bank have opened a new form светаКак they then have found, compression of nitrogen up to the pressure exceeding atmospheric approximately in 500 thousand times and also his heating to temperature of 500-700 degrees Celsius, turns this gas into the unusual crystal substance of yellow color which has received a name an iota nitrogen. He as have shown further experiences of the Russian and American physicists, had a number of unusual properties. For example, this "solid nitrogen" was stable in very wide range of temperatures and pressure, considerably smaller or big than those which are necessary for his creation. Why it so, scientists didn't know as they had no opportunity to study structure an iota nitrogen because of its ultrahigh density. Turnbull and his colleagues, including Grigoryants, have filled this gap, having established the diamond anvil capable to compress nitrogen up to the necessary pressure, on the way of a bunch of the X-rays developed by ESRF. "Illuminating" nitrogen during compression, at



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