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Physicists "have taught" to work the quantum computer with usual optical fiber - RIA Novosti, 10/1/2018

MOSCOW, 1 Oct – RIA Novosti. Physicists from Austria has created new type of the qubits, cells of memory of the quantum computer capable to communicate by means of usual optical fiber. Their description and the first results of experiences have been presented in the npj Quantum Information.© magazine Personal archive of Denis Sukachyov the Physicist has told how scientists turn diamonds into quantum computers "our qubits consist of carbide of silicon, semiconductor material. In him often there are defects with which technologists are constantly forced to struggle. To us on the contrary, these impurity are necessary, and the huge data array, collected by colleagues, has helped us to understand how they influence properties of a crystal" — Tom Bosma from the University of Groningen tells (Netherlands). Qubits represent at the same time both memory cells, and computing modules of the quantum computer which can store at the same time in themselves both logical zero, and unit thanks to laws of quantum physics. Association of several qubits in the uniform computing system allows to solve very quickly mathematical or physical problems, search of the answer to which by means of techniques of search would be occupied by time comparable to Universe life terms. Physicists has quickly learned to produce the single qubits capable to live long enough for conducting calculations. On the other hand, attempts to unite several qubits meet great difficulties today because to write down and consider data from them not so simply as initially it seemed. © TU Delft/Scixel Physicists have created the first quantum chip from an "eternal" pamyatyyueta of a problem as Bosma notes, are partly connected with the fact that modern technologies of information transfer, including various fiber-optical communication channels, are a little adapted for work with qubits. In fact, physicists and engineers should create from scratch all tires of data and a communication system necessary for association of small groups of qubits in more difficult systems and quantum networks. Bosma and his colleagues have taken a big step to the solution of this problem, having created rather long-living and at the same time the "fast" qubits capable almost instantly to change the state at record of new information which work can be manipulated by means of the infrared radiation.© of the Photo: Denis Sukachyov Physicists from Russia has created "diamond" network from cells quantum kompyyuteray "heart" the so-called defect — the atom of nitrogen or other element which has "wormed way" into thickness of atoms of carbon serves. Scientists call similar defects "vacancies", or the NV centers as addition of "someone else's" atom in carbide of silicon or diamond creates a special blank space with unusual properties. In this point atom of carbon is absent, but at the same time it has all properties of atom which would be in this point in the "frozen" state. Thanks to it NV qubits have very long terms of life in comparison with other cells of memory, however it is rather difficult to operate their behavior and speed of updating. Bosma and his team have solved this problem, having used that the massif



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