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Physicists have created matter analog of "a dead star" in laboratory - RIA Novosti, 8/13/2018

MOSCOW, 13 Aug – RIA Novosti. Physicists from the USA has created a tiny analog of matter of neutron stars on the accelerator of particles CEBAF that has helped them to understand what role is played by protons in these superdense objects. Their conclusions have been presented in the Nature.© University of Warwick/Mark Garlick magazine of Astrophysics have found in a dead star of most successful "thief" of the Universe "We have taken a kernel with identical number of protons and neutrons and have tracked how the behavior of the first at addition of a large number of the second particles will exchange. Of course, it is not the full copy of what occurs in a subsoil of neutron stars, but, nevertheless, we managed to catch the main trends and to open some secrets of their work" — tells Or En (Or Hen) from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (USA). Neutron stars represent enough large stars which have "burned out" remains whose life has come to the end during the most powerful flash supernew. The kernel of the star which has finished the life in this way contracts to "ball" of the size of the large city on Earth in which matter is compressed to such an extent that electrons merge with protons in atomic nuclei, and all remains of a star turn into a huge lump of neutrons. What is actually represented by neutron stars as they look from within and of what layers they consist, is a subject of fierce discussions among astrophysicists and physicists. For example, a part of scientists considers that a subsoil of neutron stars may contain exotic "kvarkovy liquid", and other researchers believe that not all protons "perish" at their formation – about 5-10% of particles "survive". These protons, in turn, play an important role in cooling of a surface of a neutron star, acting as peculiar "factories" of the neutrino which are carrying away surplus of heat and energy in an outer space. © DOE's Jefferson Lab of Physics have found in protons the most dense form of matter in Vselennoyen and his colleagues participating in collaboration of CLAS have found out how they behave in neutron stars, watching how electrons beat out single protons and neutrons from atoms of a deuterium, carbon-12 and other elements with equal number of these particles – aluminum-26 and iron-52. Unlike a LHC and other modern accelerators of particles, the CEBAF accelerator on which these experiments in 1998-2012 were made wrote down not only important data, but also all events which took place in him. It has helped scientists to use him not only for observations of structure of an atomic nucleus, than they initially were engaged, but also modeling of a subsoil of neutron stars. © Flickr/makelessnoise Scientific: neutrons in a subsoil of neutron stars can become кубикамиКак explains En when the electron faces a kernel of these three elements, perhaps three options of succession of events. He or will merge with one of protons and will turn into a neutron, or will beat out one of nucleons, or will just fly by through him. Studying properties of couples of neutrons and protons "running" from these kernels scientists tried to understand how kernels of these are arranged



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