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Physicists from the USA has created the return version of a colander and sieve - RIA Novosti, 8/25/2018

MOSCOW, 25 Aug – RIA Novosti. The American scientists have created a futuristic "liquid" membrane which passes through itself large objects and doesn't allow to pass to smaller particles. "Recipe" on her production has been presented in the Science Advances.© RIA Novosti / Vladimir magazine Astapkovich to Pass into an image bank Scientists from Russia have created the filter catching the smallest nanoparticles "Similar membranes it is possible to use as components of medical plasters and bandages for open wounds. They will don't pass through themselves dust, microbes and viruses, but at the same time doctors will be able to perform operations in the injured extremity, immersing tools in these "anti-filters" — Vaughan (Tak-Sing Wong) from the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia has said Tak-Sin. Practically each person faces filters every day, making tea or coffee, using medical masks, a gauze, a sieve, a colander or other household items. Similar "instruments of labor" as show archeological excavations, have appeared practically together with a civilization or even even before her emergence. Engineers and scientists, as Vaughan notes, dream long ago of creation of the device which would allow to do the return – he has to pass large objects and to leave all small particles on the surface. Similar "anti-filters" would help to take quickly nanoparticles of the necessary sizes from solutions, to isolate rooms at the industrial enterprises from harmful gases, to carry out difficult reactions and to create the toilet which doesn't have a smell. The American physicists and engineers have created the first material of this sort, experimenting with the most unusual and "improper" material for creation of filters – usual water and solutions of various Universal Pictures/Amblin Entertainment alcohols.© Stanford physicists have created a shirt with the built-in "conditioner" Water and other liquids as scientists have noticed, easily passes through itself objects of any sizes, enveloping them and allowing them to fall to a vessel bottom by gravity. At the same time rather easy and small objects can't "punch" her surface if not to put enough force to them. This observation has suggested to them an idea that a thin film of water if to stabilize her, it is possible to turn into similar "anti-filter". For a role of the similar stabilizer the usual soap or any surfactant preventing molecules of water to run away from a film will approach. "It is possible to add components which will make a liquid membrane stronger and durable to this layer, or will force her to block motion of the molecules of certain gases selectively. In fact, it is possible to insert everything that the chemistry and other sciences have created for all the time of the existence into her" — Birgitt Boschitsch, the colleague Wona adds. Having created several similar structures, scientists have checked how well they pass objects of the different sizes, including drops of water and other liquids, the dried-up bodies of front sights, mosquitoes and other insects and also a scalpel, tweezers and other surgical instruments.© of the Photo: Roxanne Maka



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