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Physicists from Russia has learned to predict earthquakes on "whisper of Earth" - RIA Novosti, 11/8/2018

So the artist has imagined whisper of Earth
MOSCOW, 8 Nov – RIA Novosti. The Russian physicists have found out that earthquakes can be predicted shortly before their beginning on "whisper of Earth" – to the weak seismic fluctuations arising in the neighborhood of breaks. Their technique and results of experiences in laboratory have been presented in the Scientific Reports.© AFP 2018/Frederick Florin magazine Seismologists have taught to predict artificial intelligence of an earthquake "We have found out that transition of a break to a condition of "readiness" for a seismic push can be found, analyzing a range of background noise. Monitoring of the fluctuations arising near breaks can become a new useful method of observation of their state in real time" — Alexey Ostapchuk, the employee of MIPT and Institute of dynamics of geospheres of RAS in Moscow whose words are cited by the press service of higher education institution has said. Earthquakes and other dangerous cataclysms connected with Earth subsoil most often occur on borders of breaks between tectonic plates which traffic is often obstructed by roughnesses on their edges. When the movement of plates stops, in a point of their contact potential energy collects. It is released in the form of heat and powerful splashes in acoustic waves while breeds in these roughnesses don't maintain loading and break. © RIA Novosti / Maria Vashchuk to Pass into an image bank Geologists have opened communication between earthquakes and Kamchatkiuchenye's volcanoes try to understand long ago what processes operate accumulation of this energy and try to find such ways of "raying" of a subsoil of Earth which would allow us to learn about emergence of similar zones of tectonic tension. The analysis of their properties as geologists hope, will allow to calculate probability, force and time of emergence of new tremors. Despite huge progress in this area, similar predictions are extremely inexact so far that often generates friction between the scientists and politicians who aren't loving ambiguity. For example, the seismologists who have incorrectly predicted earthquake scales in the Italian city of L'Akvila in 2009 have received real prison terms for "misinformation" of the population and death about three hundred people. As the press service of MIPT transfers, Ostapchuk and his colleagues could increase considerably the accuracy of these predictions, having studied how the changes in the break device happening just before the beginning of an earthquake are reflected in seismic "noise". © Sergeyev to Pass RIA Novosti / Vladimir into an image bank Seismologists have doubted that full moons strengthen землетрясенияКак the rule, similar signals, peculiar "whisper of Earth", scientists ignore during observations of points of seismic tension as they are generated by huge number of sources which can't almost be divided and "untangled". The Russian physicists have found out, traces of the preparing earthquakes can be "heard" in this noise, without knowing all his sources, experimenting with a tiny laboratory analog of two facing layers of rocks. Their role was played by two bars of granite with an uneven surface, one of which,



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