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Physicists from Russia has learned how to turn an electron into a wave in a collider - RIA Novosti, 8/24/2018

MOSCOW, 24 Aug – RIA Novosti. Scientists from the Tomsk university have found out that an electron it is possible to force to show wave properties at dispersal to high energiya, "having in a special way untwisted" him. Their conclusions have been presented in the Physical Review A.© magazine of the Photo: EPFL/Fabrizio Carbone Physicists have received the first-ever pictures of "chastitso-wave" of light "We plan to check our calculations in experiments on modern colliders. It was for this purpose necessary to be convinced that "twist" of electrons remains at acceleration. Our work answers in the affirmative on this question that opens a basic opportunity for receiving the "twirled" electrons of high energy", – Dmitry Karlovets from the Tomsk university whose words are cited by the press service of the Russian scientific fund has said. Today practically all physicists, except for small group of outcasts, believes what photons, electrons and other inhabitants of a microcosm at the same time behaves both as particles, and as electromagnetic waves. On the basis of this phenomenon which in the past wasn't absolutely correctly called "corpuscular and wave dualism" many modern technologies, such as matrixes of cameras and various svetodatchik are constructed. The first experiences with accelerators of matter have shown that electrons and their "cousins" lose the wave properties in case they disperse to ultrahigh energiya and begin to move almost with velocity of light. There was a question – why it occurs and whether it is possible to force electrons to behave in the "correct" way? © Photo: Tenio Popmintchev, Brad Baxley, JILA, University of Colorado Scientists have proved that the person can see single particles светаВосемь years back, according to Karlovts, physicists have learned "to twist" elementary particles, including electrons and neutrons, forcing them to move not only in a straight line, but also at the same time to rotate around the direction of the movement, turning into peculiar "funnel". As have shown the first experiences with similar carriers of a charge, they at the same time behave both as particles, and as waves. Similar opening has set the Tomsk physicist thinking on whether similar properties of an electron will remain after he gets to a ring of a collider or other types of accelerators of particles. For the answer to this question it has created computer model of the similar "twirled" particle and has counted how her behavior at high energiya will change. © Florian Meinert the Russian physicists have created the nanolaser for the light computer будущегоВычислив the magnetic moment and average energy of the electron dispersed to ultrahigh speeds, the Russian physicist has come to a conclusion that the particle won't lose the wave properties at hit in a collider and will show them at collision with other inhabitant of a microcosm. What is interesting, in passing Tomsk physicists have found out that "turning" will make electrons slightly heavier, than the usual particles moving in a straight line – their weight will be 0,01-0,1% more. Whether so it actually, scientists plan to learn during experiences on real accelerators of particles.



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