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Physicists from Russia has found out what forces atoms of mercury to turn into "eggs" - RIA Novosti, 10/1/2018

MOSCOW, 1 Oct – RIA Novosti. The Russian and foreign scientists working in CERN have found an explanation of why atoms of some isotopes of mercury can sharply stretch, turning into "egg" if from them to beat out only one neutron. Their conclusions have been presented in the Nature Physics.© magazine of the Photo: CERN of Physics ЦЕРНа have found new "magic number" for superheavy elements "it was extremely difficult not only to observe Behaviour of such exotic kernels, but also to count because of what their form remained a riddle for us. Only after creation of the RILIS accelerator within the ISOLDE project and combination of efforts with other scientists we could glance in these isotopes" — Bruce Marsh, the representative of CERN and the head of collaboration has said. The atomic nucleus can be more or less steady depending on whether are filled until the end of a cover from neutrons and protons. If covers are filled, then the kernel is steadier. Thus, isotopes with the kernels containing a certain quantity of neutrons and protons — "magic numbers" — could exist long enough. Still scientific only seven magic numbers — 2, 8, 20, 28, 50, 82 and 126 were known. At surplus of neutrons or at their shortage kernels of heavy elements become extremely unstable. In certain cases they get extremely unusual form similar to a pear, a ball for rugby or egg. Why it occurs, physicists understands far not completely so far. © LP Gaffney the Atomic nucleus of radium-224 was similar to a pear, have found out ученыеК to an example, approximately half a century back scientists of CERN have found hints that kernels of some isotopes of mercury, such as mercury-181, mercury-183 and mercury-185, have the extended form and several other abnormal properties. At the same time the lead atoms similar to them on weight and differing in only two "excess" protons and also other isotopes of mercury, look is quite ordinary, reminding a usual round soccerball. Participants of collaboration of ISOLDE, as Marsh notes, study many years both "magic" kernels, and their unstable antipodes, checking these opening and trying to understand what occurs in similar kernels and as on them protons and neutrons are distributed. © Physics Fotolia/montebell from Russia and Europe was glanced in kernels superheavy атомовДля the answer to this question of physics recently have created the accelerating RILIS installation which disperses kernels of the interesting scientists of elements to ultrahigh speeds and reads out their form, firing at them bunches of laser radiation. When these beams face atoms, their photons interact with the electrons rotating around a kernel, and their property imperceptibly, but change that is reflected in their range. Monitoring these changes, scientists can define a form and the sizes of these atoms and also their many other properties. In the past, similar experiments were already made, however detectors of last generations lacked accuracy to prove that kernels of some isotopes of mercury are similar in a form not to a sphere, and to a ball for rugby. The RILIS installation not only has helped to solve this problem,



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