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Physicists from Russia has created light sensor thickness about atom - RIA Novosti, 8/21/2018

MOSCOW, 21 Aug – RIA Novosti. The Russian and foreign physics has turned a decanter, a leaf from carbon thickness into one atom, into very effective sensor of light which almost isn't consuming energy and not demanding cooling. "Instructions" for their assembly have been presented in the ACS Photonics.© magazine of the Photo: ARC Centre for Quantum Computation and Communication, at UNSW Physicists have created the full-fledged transistor from one atom of phosphorus "In fact, we have for the first time shown the new technology based on direct laser modification of a decanter, material of atomic thickness and have for the first time shown the functional device – the photodetector created with her use" — Ivan Bobrinetsky from Moscow Institute of Electronic Technology in Zelenograd whose words are transferred by the press service of the Russian scientific fund tells. The decanter represents a single layer of the atoms of carbon connected among themselves by structure of the chemical bonds reminding structure of bee honeycombs on the geometry. For creation of the decanter having unique physical and chemical properties, the natives of Russia Konstantin Novoselov and Andrey Geym working in Great Britain have got the Nobel Prize of 2010 on physics. Not all unique properties of a decanter were useful — for example, it has turned out an unexpected image that it is extremely heavy to turn a decanter into the semiconductor that does it of little use for production of electronic devices, solar batteries, lasers and light sources. Besides, the decanter can't be stretched because of very high fragility. One more problem is that at such scales to operation of transistors, photo cells and other "bricks" electronic engineers begin to stir forces of interatomic interaction and quantum effects. As a result of it they begin to pass current in both directions, and light almost completely "filters" through them. Both doesn't allow to use such devices in "atomic" microelectronics. © Photo: Zhao et al. / Physics Nature Nanotechnologies 2016 from Berkeley have created the first transistors thickness in atombobrinetskiya and his colleague from institute and also scientists from Germany and Spain, have found a way to solve this problem, having stuck together a decanter with a silicon substrate and having added to him impurity by means of the special laser. Recently scientists have found out that short-term radiation of sheets of "the Nobel carbon" by means of very short flashes of the laser doesn't destroy them, and changes their chemical structure and how electrons in them behave. Similar opening has suggested to authors of article an idea that lasers can make a decanter more "opaque" to light particles. As have shown experiences of the Russian and foreign scientists, changes in behavior of a decanter were sharper, than they expected to see – the mobility of electrons in the irradiated regions has decreased on orders, and resistance to current has grown in several hundreds of times. It in a leaf from the Nobel material was resulted by the zones similar on properties to the semiconductor which were actively interacting with light particles. © IBM Research – Zuri



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