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Physicists from China has created the smallest lightning on Earth - RIA Novosti, 8/22/2018

MOSCOW, 22 Aug – RIA Novosti. Scientists from China and the USA have created the most tiny and transient lightning on Earth, watching emergence of cloudlets of plasma and categories between two microelectrodes. Their conclusions and photos of "nanolightning" have been presented in the Physics of Plasmas.© AFP 2018/Mladen Antonov magazine Scientists recognized lightnings the most dangerous and a puzzle "Understanding of how there are electric discharges and breakdowns in air and in other gases, it is extremely important from the practical point of view. Microplasma can be applied to creation of "flat" radiators of light, in medical devices, in internal combustion engines and in ultra-violet gas-discharge lamps" — Guodong Meng from the university of Xian (China) tells. The nature of lightnings has been solved in 1749 by the American scientist Benjamin Franklin. He has found, experimenting with lightning rods and kites that lightnings represent electric discharges between storm clouds and the Earth's surface. At the beginning of the current decade, thanks to researches of the Russian physicists, the picture became more difficult. It has turned out that the space beams acting as "trigger" for electricity flashes are mixed in the birth of lightnings. Besides, data from the Chibis-M satellite have specified that lightnings represent multilevel structures which so-called fractals, physical properties and the device of microcells it is identical to all lightning in general. Meng and his colleagues studied one more example of similar structures – the so-called breakdowns, categories of electricity arising in gaseous environments approximately as well as lightnings. Well-known example of similar man-made "lightnings" of all – an electric arch in the welding machine or sparks in spark plugs. © AFP 2018/DPA/Patrick Pleul of the Lightning cause nuclear reactions in the atmosphere of Earth, declare uchenyeucheny as Meng notes, rather well know how such categories of electricity of the "normal" sizes behave, however the behavior of more tiny "lightnings" remained a riddle for physicists. Authors of article have taken the first step to disclosure of secrecies of similar categories, having created the smallest lightning on Earth whose length was only 1-10 micrometers. For this purpose scientists have created the power plant capable to develop very short impulses of current with tension in 5 kilovolts, and have connected it to the camera capable to receive pictures each 2 nanoseconds. They have connected a current source to two electrodes from tungsten, established in laboratory in such a way that the distance between them could be changed with an accuracy in several hundreds of nanometers. Moving these electrodes and changing tension for them, scientists traced under what conditions there were lightnings and as properties of air at their birth changed. These observations have shown that similar flashes are born thanks to the fact that the free electrons "floating" in air between electrodes accelerate under the influence of electric fields, and face neutral molecules. They beat out from them even more electrons



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