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Physicists from Austria has created the cleanest drop of water - RIA Novosti, 8/24/2018

MOSCOW, 24 Aug – RIA Novosti. The Austrian scientists have created the clearest water in the world, having learned to grow up microscopic "icicles" in a full vacuum, and have found strange impurity in usual water. "Recipe" on their production has been published in the magazine of Science.CC0/kloxklox_com / Physics have opened a secret of why water carries current "to avoid emergence even of the slightest traces of impurity, to us had to make this experiment in a full vacuum. In other words, we needed to create somehow a drop of water which never adjoined to air and "to drop" her on a plate surface from the dioxide of the titanium polished and purified at the atomic level" — Ulrike Diebold from the University of Vienna (Austria) tells. Even the cleanest samples of air, water and other liquids contain huge number of impurity, microbes and viruses. They don't stir human life and other living beings, however similar "pollutants" as show experiences, can strongly change the course of chemical reactions and prevent studying of new physical and chemical properties of different molecules and materials. Diebold have accidentally discovered one of the most unusual impurity, actually always attendees even in the clearest water, studying properties of dioxide of the titan, the main component of white paint, coverings of solar batteries and some catalysts. This substance how long chemists and physicists know, is able to purify water and other liquid environments from organic impurity, producing oxygen and other aggressive molecules when lighting by sunlight or an ultra-violet lamp. Diebold and her team tried to understand why it occurs, watching interaction of microscopic drops of superpure and "dirty" water and plates from dioxide of the titan. © Physics Fotolia/123dartist for the first time could divide water into two different zhidkostieta experiences have resulted in unexpected results. After switching off of a lamp on a surface of a plate there was a film of the unclear nature, and it happened also at experiences with dirty, and to clear water. Having studied her chemical composition, the Austrian researchers have found out that it consists of formic and acetic acid, connected in nanostructures of a special form. Trying to understand from where these molecules have undertaken, scientists have paid attention that they made experiments and produced clear water not in a full vacuum, and in the presence of air. It has forced them to assume, as that, and other organic acid could get to drops from the atmosphere. For check of this idea the Austrian physicists have thought up a witty technique of production of superclear water in a full vacuum. For this purpose they have created the small tight camera to which ceiling the thick metal needle has been attached. Having cooled her up to the ultralow temperatures, physics has let in water vapors a vessel that has led to formation of an icicle on a needle tip. © the Photo is provided by the press service of MIPT the Russian physicists have created an unusual method of splitting водыУдалив the gas remains, scientists have lifted temperature in the camera therefore an icicle превр



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