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Physicists can't explain mysterious violet rainbows in the sky of the Arctic - RIA Novosti, 8/21/2018

MOSCOW, 21 Aug – RIA Novosti. The mysterious violet rainbows which are periodically arising in heaven over subpolar regions of Canada in the last three years can't be a kind of the polar lights as earlier scientists considered. The physicists which has published article in the GRL.© AFP 2018/DPA/Patrick Pleul magazine of the Lightning has come to such conclusion cause nuclear reactions in the atmosphere of Earth, scientists "say our main conclusion – this phenomenon, STEVE, there can't be one of forms of a polar light. Therefore it is possible to tell that we know nothing about him again. And it actually very abruptly as photographers as we have found out, knew about his existence for many years. We also didn't know that such phenomena can arise in the atmosphere of Earth" — I have said to BEA Gallardo-Lacourt from University of Calgary (Canada). Since summer of 2015, over Canada and other corners of the Arctic mysterious violet "rainbows" and "bridges" which light the night sky for about 20-30 minutes began to appear and then disappear. In total, volunteers managed to record over 30 cases of emergence of similar shine that has drawn attention of scientists from NASA. Two years ago satellites from the flotilla Swarm have flown by over similar educations and have obtained the first data on their structure. This violet shine as the scientists who have studied these data have found, actually resulted from the unusual interaction of solar electrons and magnetic field of Earth similar on the work mechanism to the polar lights. In the spring of this year as Gallardo-Lacur tells, he and his team analyzed data which the climatic POES-17 satellite had obtained during flight over violet rainbows in the recent past. In March, 2008 the similar structure has arisen over east part of the Canadian Arctic in successful timepoint when land telescopes of ASI network have been directed to her. © Photo: Physicists have found out Steve Cummer why during a thunderstorm in heaven there are "UFOs" Unlike the probes Swarm which aren't intended for direct observations of a polar light, POES-17 has been equipped with the special device, the detector of particles of TED. He allowed to count number of the "solar" electrons and other particles "falling" in the atmosphere of Earth from space and to estimate their influence on the atmosphere. Using pictures from land telescopes, scientists have calculated the exact time of emergence of Steve in the sky over the Arctic and have checked whether really it has been generated by flash of solar activity, analyzing data of TED. © Photo: Krista Trinder Scientists have opened the nature of mysterious violet "rainbows" in the sky Arktikiokazalos that STEVE has arisen in that place where the satellite has recorded unexpectedly small number of electrons and protons. It means that violet rainbows aren't connected with solar activity and space charged particles in any way and that they arise in Earth upper atmosphere some other, way unknown to science so far. As Gallardo-Lacur notes, scientists have found hints that at this time in Earth upper atmosphere пр



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