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Pensions will become the capital. The new stage of pension changes - RIA Novosti, prepares 10/2/2018

MOSCOW, 2 Oct — RIA Novosti, Maxim Rubchenko. The pension system of Russia is waited by innovations: the government has made the key decision on replacement of funded pensions with "individual pension capital" (IPC). What is it and what the new system will differ from present — in material of RIA Novosti. © RIA Novosti / Alexander Kryazhev to Pass Decrease in increase into an image bank. What will change in a pension zakonodatelstveseychas provision of pensions of Russians is based on an insurance premium (22 percent of salary) which consists of two parts. The most part (16 percent) — insurance, coming to the Pension Fund of the Russian Federation (PFRF). Smaller (six percent of salary) — accumulative which can be listed in the non-state pension funds (NSPF) for investment into securities for the purpose of receiving additional income. However, since 2014 transfer of funded pensions in NPF is frozen so insurance pension premiums of Russians now completely come to RPF. The main reason of freezing — the sanctions war developed by the West against Russia. Quotations in the domestic stock market have fallen, and possibilities of profitable investment of pension savings of NPF were sharply reduced. The government was disturbed by the fact that in new conditions the private pension funds won't be able to fulfill the obligations to citizens. Therefore have decided to transfer all completeness of responsibility for pensions to the state represented by RPF. However it has entailed a number of negative consequences: load of pension system has increased, in NPF inflow of money has practically stopped, and citizens have begun to complain that the state has deprived of them the right to dispose of own pension. Once and for all to solve all problems, the government in 2016 has offered the concept of the individual pension capital (IPC). The sense is that an insurance part of pension remains without changes, and money which falls on a funded part now, the citizen.© RIA Novosti / Anton Denisov Pereyti in an image bank "Direct substitution" entirely disposes. Experts of HSE comment pension докладОн can not deduct means at all, having refused IPK. Or to choose the contribution size, comfortable for itself — to six percent of salary inclusive. However, IPK from own salary, but not at the expense of the employer is replenished. The first fundamental difference from the operating system where all have to pay six percent consists in it. The second important innovation — pension savings carry over the citizen, but not the state. It, in particular, means what at achievement of a retirement age of people itself decides that to do with the saved-up capital: to take away all money at once or to receive monthly payments during a certain term. Besides, the saved-up pension capital is descended in case of the death of the client before he completely receives the money. In September the Minister of Finance Anton Siluanov has reported that the means postponed within the IPK system, Russians will be able to use also to an exit on п



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