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Participants of a gas conference have dispersed in assessment "Nord Stream — 2" - RIA Novosti, 11/8/2018

BERLIN, 8 Nov — RIA Novosti. The issue of need of the Nord Stream project-2 was discussed on Thursday in Berlin within the European gas conference with the assistance of the finance director of Nord Stream 2 Paul Korkoran and the Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine concerning the European integration Elena Zerkal.© Foto: Nord Stream 2/Wolfram Scheible of the USA have announced preservation of an option of sanctions concerning "Nord Stream — 2" Korkoran and Zerkal who have taken part in the conference panel "Nord Stream-2: policy of economy", opposite estimates of efficiency and need of this project have expressed. The Nord Stream-2 project assumes construction of two gas pipelines with a general power of 55 billion cubic meters of gas a year from the coast of Russia through the Baltic Sea to Germany. The new pipeline is planned to be constructed near the operating Nord Stream. He will pass through territorial or exclusive economic zones of the countries located along coast of the Baltic Sea — the Russian Federation, Finland, Sweden, Denmark and Germany. "We oppose Nord Stream-2. For Russia it is the priority political project which is used for threat to neighbors" — Zerkal has told, having explained that the Ukrainian gas transmission system — "this only thing that keeps Russia from full attack on us because there is no other alternative for Russian gas supplies to Europe yet", and preservation of gas transit "is a condition of our safety". © Foto: Nord Stream 2 Corp page. on Twitter the Political scientist: Kiev looks for the basis for scandal over "Nord Stream-2" Korkoran has rejected all assumptions of the Ukrainian diplomat of politicization of the project. According to the technical director of Nord Stream 2, "politicians split Europe on the matter", actually it is "about the commercial enterprise in which the leading energy companies take part and which corresponds to the current legislation". According to Zerkal, Ukraine tries to reach the tripartite agreement on transit of gas after 2019 within negotiations with European Commission and Russia, however, "unfortunately, Gazprom hasn't shown any interest in this discussion". © Foto: Nord Stream 2/Thomas Eugster Expert: his most desperate critics" have reconciled to "Nord Stream-2" Now we are in a condition of full uncertainty concerning the future of the gas transmission system whether she will be used and how exactly" — Zerkal has told, having added that in Kiev would like "to keep transit of gas in the same state in what he is now, all these questions are a subject of negotiations with EC now". "I think that the future of the Ukrainian gas transmission system is actually not so bad" — Korkoran has told, having added that "to some extent transit of gas through Ukraine will be kept, a question in as far as it will be favorable commercially and competitive". He has emphasized that the Russian gas in itself is very competitive "in comparison with other alternatives, including with and



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