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Paleontologists have found out when pterosaurs have occupied Earth - RIA Novosti, 8/14/2018

MOSCOW, 14 Aug – RIA Novosti. Scientists have found in the USA the unique fossil demonstrating that ancestors of pterosaurs have extended on the planet already 200 million years ago, long before appearance of the first feathery dinosaurs. Their conclusions have been presented in the Nature Ecology & Evolution.© Alexander Kellner magazine (Museu Nacional/UFRJ) Paleontologists have proved that pterosaurs laid eggs "our find shows that pterosaurs met across all territory of Earth and lived even in the most severe conditions including in deserts, already at the end of the Triassic Period. In addition, now we can precisely tell that his descendants and far relatives living on islands in future Britain have endured Triassic extinction" — Brooks tells Britt (Brooks Britt) from Brigham's university of Young in Provo (USA). The first winged vertebrate animals — pterosaurs — aren't dinosaurs and have even no him close relatives. As today paleontologists consider, they have appeared at the end of the Triassic Period, 220-210 million years ago, and at the same time they were close relatives of ancestors of modern lizards. Where there lived their ancestors, scientists know so far. Part of them considers that these reptiles initially lived at coast of the rivers, and others assume that it has come from reservoirs at a great distance. Search of the answer to this question was complicated that the first pterosaurs, ramforinkh with characteristic "tails brushes", weren't similar to the late flying pangolins at all, and their remains extremely seldom lived in original state up to now. Britt and his colleagues have opened one more page from history of evolution of these pangolins, studying the breeds of the end of the Triassic Period lying in the northeast of the State of Utah. They were created about 208-201 million years ago within a so-called rettsky era during which there was next "great extinction" which has ruined all reptiles except ancestors of dinosaurs, crocodiles and pterosaurs. © Photo: Dinostar Co. Ltd Dinosaurs could fall the first victim of oil, declare ученыеВ the breeds of this time found in the territory of a pit of Saints and sinners, scientists managed to find perfectly remained skeleton of rather large pterosaur. The scope of his wings, according to the estimates of scientists, reached about one and a half meters, and weight – several tens kilograms. Judging by structure of his jaws and teeth, he hunted fish or small animals the same as it is done by modern pelicans, capturing them in voluminous leather "bag". Scientists called it Caelestiventus hanseni that means "sacred wind" of Hansen, in honor of one of the government geologists who have allowed to Britt's team to carry out excavation in career. Opening of this flying pangolin became a great luck for paleontologists for several reasons at once. First, today on Earth there are only five tens skeletons of the pterosaurs who have lived up to now in original state – brittle bones of these flying reptiles usually are flattened out and deformed during their petrifaction. Secondly, bones of Caelestiventus hanseni were on



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