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Paleontologists have found out how the ancestor of all turtles - RIA Novosti, looked 8/23/2018

MOSCOW, 23 Aug — RIA Novosti. Scientists have found in the south of China remains of the unusual reptile which has allowed them to find out how the first ancestors of turtles of Earth living in future Asia at the beginning of the Jurassic Period looked. Their conclusions and photos of remains of "the grandfather of all turtles" have been presented in the Nature.© magazine of the Photo: Paleontologists have found out Tyler Lyson how turtles had had a strong armor "History of appearance of turtles was one of the main riddles in paleontology for many decades. Opening of remains of Eorhynchochelys has strongly cleared a situation and has helped us to understand how there were these reptiles" — Olivier Rieppel from the Fildsovsky museum of Chicago (USA) has said. As scientists note, history of evolution of turtles remains in many respects a riddle. All known species of the died-out turtles, except the most ancient Odontochelys and Proganochelys, already possessed a full-fledged armor. It was unclear how these reptiles have turned the edges into "armor" and have found the special respiratory muscles allowing them to breathe without their help. The situation hasn't cleared up and after opening of an odontokhelis in 2008 — the lower half of an armor at this reptile was already present. It has set scientists thinking on how evolution of turtles proceeded and when their ancestors have turned into a certain similarity modern "тортилл". Rieppel and his colleagues have solved this problem, having found remains of extremely unusual being at the same time similar and on primitive lizards archosaurs, and on skulls, studying the deposits of times of the beginning of the Jurassic Period created in the south of China about 220 million years ago. © Photo: Trustees of the Natural History Museum, London 2014 Ancient people have cooked first "soup" from a turtle of 400 thousand years назадПроводя excavation in the town of Heshangjing in the Province of Guizhou, scientists have encountered a two-meter skeleton of a reptile, having found him practically in the same point where the first remains of an odontokhelis, but have been found in deeper layers of deposits. This being who has received the name Eorhynchochelys sinensis or "a turtle of a dawn with a beak from China", considerably differed in shape from odontokhelis and others primitive "тортилл" antiquities. In particular, he had very long and thin tail, and edges of this reptile haven't managed to grow together in an armor yet. On the other hand, they already have managed to take the disk-shaped form, and jaws of Eorhynchochelys sinensis have turned into a certain similarity of a beak which is possessed today by all turtles. This fact as Rieppel notes, became very important milestone from the point of view of studying of evolution of these reptiles. Existence of a beak, but lack of a strong armor, according to scientists, says that the main distinctive features of turtles have arisen not at the same time, and developed very gradually. And, respectively, Eorhynchochelys sinensis was one of the first steps on this way. © Julius Csotonyi/Royal Tyrrell Museum Scientists have dismissed "charges" of death from a climate cold snap the cherepakhpodobny status of "a turtle of a dawn" has allowed Rieppel and his team to reveal one secret of evolution of these reptiles — her remains unambiguously indicate that turtles



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